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2022-2023 Residents

Lyric Chaplin, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: Clemson University
Pharmacy School: Medical University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy
Why Atrium Health? Atrium Health’s PGY1 Pharmacy Residency program in the ambulatory care setting offers a wide range of clinical experiences ranging from the core experiences, longitudinal projects, staffing as well as the variety of elective experiences. During my interview, I instantly connected with the preceptors and residency program director, which made me feel right at home. The welcoming environment at Atrium Health is exactly what I wanted in my residency experience along with all the learning opportunities this program offers for me to grow and become more confident in my career as a pharmacist. The team-based environment and authenticity is evident when interacting with the pharmacists, physicians, and past and current residents. This program also allows me the experience to work directly with a diverse patient population in various clinical settings. I know all of the experiences and knowledge I will gain as a resident this year with Atrium Health will help me to become a successful, well-rounded pharmacist and accomplish all of my goals.
Primary Site: Ardsley Internal Medicine
Research Project:
DOAC MUE and CKD Project
Post-Residency Interests: Ambulatory Care, Pulmonology; Obtaining CPP, BCACP, and CDCES

Hau Le, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of South Florida
Pharmacy School: University of Florida
Why Atrium Health? Atrium Health's PGY1 Program in the Ambulatory Care Setting offers a wide variety of patient care experiences and opportunities for me to grow as a clinical practitioner and individual. The ability to be involved in ambulatory care, acute care, specialty, and managed care proves how Atrium strives to make their residents into well-rounded pharmacists. Every preceptor is personally invested in my development as a pharmacist and has created a positive and unique learning environment focused on helping me achieve my short- and long-term career goals. Additionally, it is apparent how pharmacists are held in very high regard and have a trusting relationship with providers. It makes me happy knowing how my opinion and expertise as a pharmacist is valued at Atrium and how I am able to make a positive impact in my patient's lives every day. Following this residency program, I am confident I will have the skills necessary to be a strong ambulatory care pharmacist and a leader in pharmacy. 
Primary Site: Kannapolis Internal Medicine
Research Project: 
Quality improvement project regarding pharmacist-led telehealth continuous glucose monitors
Post-Residency Interests: Ambulatory Care, Informatics, Academia, Obtaining BCACP

Luis Trejo, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pharmacy School: University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Why Atrium Health? With interests in ambulatory care, I knew I had to pursue a residency that offered a variety of direct-patient-care learning experiences. Atrium Health’s PGY-1 in the Ambulatory Care Setting program provides exactly what I was looking for; a strong core of ambulatory care learning experiences with a unique set of elective learning opportunities to ensure I am adequately equipped to serve patients in the outpatient setting. The dedication to the residents was apparent from day one, with the option to create a new elective if interested in a specific area outside of the program. The preceptors and residency program director truly care about our professional growth and well-being, and will go above and beyond to ensure we are getting the most out of this residency program. Other unique aspects of this residency include the ability to complete a prospective research project and the opportunity to precept pharmacy students from multiple pharmacy schools. I am confident that after completing this residency program, I will be well equipped and ready to continue my career as an Ambulatory Care Pharmacist. 
Primary Site: Concord Internal Medicine 
Research Project:
Pharmacist-Led HTN Medication Optimization Management
Post-Residency Interests: To become an Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist; Obtain CPP, BCACP, and CDCES