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iLook, manufactured by SonoSite

The iLookTM 25 from SonoSite is an easy-to-use ultrasound system designed to provide fast, accurate guidance for vascular access. The ultimate goal is risk reduction everyone understands.

Using iLook, users can better visualize veins and arteries; increase efficiency; raise user confidence; improve patient care and minimize hospital risk.

Better Visualize Veins and Arteries

High-resolution imaging means great image quality. The all-digital iLook 25's image quality helps find anatomy in patients, including those who are technically difficult. The result is quicker and easier identification and evaluation of veins for vascular access procedures. The system's solid-state, broadband transducer provides a clear, consistent image.

Increase Your Efficiency

Clear visualization of veins and arteries results in more successful first-time insertions. For vascular access professionals, that means increased patient throughput and greater efficiency. Plus, the iLook 25 is a valuable tool for monitoring catheter introduction past the point of initial access during the procedure.

Raise User Confidence

With high-resolution imaging, there can be more confidence in finding a vein, guiding an introducer and following a catheter insertion.

Improve Patient Care

Excellent image quality and increased confidence will result in more successful first-time insertions, less pain and an overall better patient experience. Fewer repeat insertions results in faster exams, with less patient anxiety and preparation time. That means better patient care.

Minimize Hospital Risk

Patient well-being, clinical confidence and safety are important to every hospital. But so is minimizing exposure to risk. By increasing the number of successful first-time vascular access attempts with high-resolution ultrasound guidance, accidental arterial punctures and associated complications can be minimized.