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Investing in your employees' well-being can increase your employee retention rate while decreasing healthcare expenses due to cost drivers like chronic disease and lifestyle risk factors. Most chronic health problems are preventable, especially with early intervention. This makes a preventive health plan, such as our lifestyle coaching and chronic condition management program, a wise choice for any employer.

Through this program, our team will work with your employees to help them build healthy, productive habits. With each individual and confidential meeting, our expert health coaches and certified care professionals will help your employees better understand health information. We will also work collaboratively with them to set lifestyle improvement goals that aim to improve health and productivity while reducing absenteeism, future risks and healthcare expenses.

In addition to goal setting, we use information from biometric screenings to risk-stratify your workforce. This helps us determine which employees are eligible for health coaching and identify individuals of highest need. Based on our analysis, program participants will fall into 1 of 3 categories for certain conditions:

  • Low risk
  • High risk
  • Rising risk

Depending on the profile of your team, your program may include lifestyle coaching and/or chronic and pre-chronic condition management.