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If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, please know there is hope for a better tomorrow. Atrium Health behavioral health addiction services offers both outpatient and inpatient programming with immediate openings. The recovery journey is one you will not travel alone. Let us help.

Atrium Health has expert, proven treatment options and programs for those dealing with drug addiction or alcoholism. Inpatient and outpatient programs are based on 12-step recovery and focus on your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Our caring addiction specialists also offer aftercare. It’s important to understand all your treatment options. Each one will provide education on your disorder and tools to manage symptoms during treatment, recovery and beyond. We accept patients into both our medical detoxification as well as our outpatient programs. 

What is medical detox?

For some individuals with substance use disorders, the first stage of treatment is medical detoxification, also known as medical detox. This is a process during which your body becomes free of alcohol or other drugs so that you can begin recovery from your dependence on them. At Atrium Health, our compassionate medical staff helps ease the side effects of withdrawal with medications and therapy. This is a safe, effective way to withdraw from substances. One thing that medical detox is NOT is simply going “cold turkey” or quitting the addiction without support and intervention to keep you safe, comfortable and medically stable.

What is outpatient treatment?

Getting help for drug addiction or alcohol abuse outside of the hospital – meaning you do not stay overnight – is a viable option for those seeking help on their road to recovery. Atrium Health has lots of treatment options for you outside the hospital. These outpatient programs allow you to gain the tools for a successful recovery while continuing your daily routine.

Aftercare for substance use disorders

Support is still required after the completion of the intensive, active phase of treatment. This program allows you to continue to get help and support along the journey to wellness. You can participate in Aftercare group therapy or meet individually with a therapist as needed.

Atrium Health's goal in aftercare – the time after a patient leaves a treatment program – is to teach patients and their families how to cope with life without the use of substances. During aftercare, with the help of our trained addiction team, you focus on 3 important things:

  1. You learn how to manage symptoms of the disease.
  2. You build a relapse prevention plan
  3. You find community support.

Our aftercare treatment for substance use disorders includes:

  • Education
  • Introduction to additional community resources
  • Access to group meetings, where you get support from others on the same journey
  • Programming for the family in recovery, because substance use disorder is a family issue

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