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The Cardiothoracic Surgery (CT Surgery) Fellowship offers exposure to routine/complex cardiothoracic surgery to provide advanced practice providers (APPs) with the skills to deliver excellent surgical care. The program is structured to increase the knowledge base necessary to assist in cardiothoracic surgical procedures, as well as participate in perioperative and post-operative care of the cardiothoracic surgery population. Graduates transition to practice with expertise in evidence-based practice, practice guideline development, translational knowledge and quality improvement specific to the cardiothoracic care setting.

Clinical Settings

Fellows have real-time exposure to patient care in the intensive care unit, operating room, as well as inpatient floor and outpatient clinic. Development of a clinical proficiencies is fostered by exposure to many cardiothoracic surgical procedures including, but not limited to, coronary artery bypass grafts, mitral and aortic valve replacement/repair, ascending aortic repair, endoscopic vein harvest, heart transplant, ventricular assist devices, video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery, robotic thoracic surgery and open thoracotomy.

Comprehensive Post-Graduate Approach

The Cardiothoracic Surgery (CT Surgery) Fellowship is a 12-month program that immerses APPs in specific procedural techniques to sharpen their critical thinking skills beyond their master’s degree training. The innovative curriculum provides the foundation of complex management of the cardiothoracic surgical patient to include a broad background in a diverse range of surgical procedures. Graduates gain confidence in managing the patient in peri- and post-operative phases of care, including complications that arise from procedures.

Specialty Rotations

  • Inpatient floor
  • Cardiovascular recovery unit
  • Electrophysiology
  • Heart failure/advanced therapies

First Assist Procedures

  • Cardiac artery bypass surgery
  • Aortic valve replacement/repair
  • Mitral valve replacement/repair
  • Ascending aorta surgery
  • Thoracotomy
  • Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
  • Complex/simple suturing techniques