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Exploring New Ways to Treat and Prevent Infectious Diseases

Our highly skilled and experienced infectious disease research team offers access to some of the latest ways to treat and prevent infectious diseases. Our team focuses on two primary areas: outpatient HIV clinical trials and inpatient antibiotic clinical trials.

Outpatient HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials

Treating HIV/AIDS since the start of the epidemic three decades ago, our infectious disease team provides comprehensive treatments for this disease and is constantly looking for new and more effective therapeutic options. We conduct outpatient HIV therapy clinical trials to provide access to the latest treatments that may not be available at other healthcare facilities.

Inpatient Antibiotic Clinical Trials

Our team operates inpatient antibiotic clinical trials to explore new indications for treating diseases and examines medications with the potential to prevent illnesses, such as pneumonia and influenza. As with our outpatient HIV trials, our inpatient antibiotic clinical trials offer patients access to therapies that may not be available at other healthcare facilities.

Extensive Infectious Disease Databases

Our infectious disease research team has a variety of robust internal databases related to HIV and other illnesses; we’re also in the process of joining large multi-institutional databases.