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The Atrium Health Cabarrus Pharmacy Department offers each and every patient individualized, high-quality care regardless of their need. An integral part of our seamless functionality includes our advanced electronic medical record featuring computerized physician order entry.

Pharmacy services are provided 24 hours a day. Decentralized pharmacy services are provided from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Decentralized clinical staff pharmacists are responsible for:

  • Pharmacokinetic monitoring and consults
  • Renal dosing
  • Pharmacy interchanges, including IV to PO
  • Providing drug information and reporting adverse drug events

In addition, clinical staff pharmacists in the main pharmacy are responsible for order verification for miscellaneous units, compounding and IV preparations.

Pharmacokinetic Consultation Services

Atrium Health Cabarrus pharmacists can be consulted to provide assistance to the medical staff in customizing patients' vancomycin, aminoglycoside and anticoagulation therapy. Pharmacists assess a patient's clinical condition, review laboratory data, determine the appropriate regimen, write progress notes, and order medication and additional laboratory values, if necessary. Patients are followed daily by the pharmacy and adjustments in therapy are made as needed to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes.

Rounding with Multidisciplinary Teams

Pharmacists participate in multidisciplinary rounds. During rounds, pharmacists review patient drug profiles, make recommendations to individualize medication regimens, monitor for adverse effects and suggest alternative regimens when warranted. Interventions are documented in the hospital's intervention database.

Medication Use Evaluation and Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)

Medication Use Evaluations are conducted as quality assessment projects designed to improve medication utilization. Pharmacists are responsible for assessing various drug therapies and pharmacy services to identify areas of improvement. All pharmacists participate in the assessment and documentation of ADRs.