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U.S. News and World Report. Ranked as a high performing hospital in stroke in 2023 to 2024.

Top 10% for Stroke Care

Atrium Health's Carolinas Medical Center, Atrium Health Pineville, Atrium Health Cabarrus, and Atrium Health Union have been recognized as the top 10% in the country for Stroke care by U.S News & World Report.

Stroke Awareness

Download our Stroke Signs and Symptoms document and keep it on hand.

The Region's Largest and Most Experienced Stroke Network

A stroke can happen to anyone at any age – and getting fast, expert treatment is critical.

As the largest stroke network in the region, Atrium Health gives you access to life-saving treatments closer to home. This includes nationally recognized stroke care from the George Shinn Comprehensive Stroke Center at Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

We treat over 4,000 strokes each year – making our teams among the most experienced in the region. And with advanced care from leaders in stroke rehabilitation, you have the best chance of recovery.

In addition to stroke, we offer expert treatment for the full range of conditions that affect the major arteries and blood flow in the brain.

Get the Right Stroke Treatment Faster

The faster a stroke patient gets emergency care, the better the outcome. With more than 40 hospitals across the region, we deliver the right therapies, right away.

  • 24/7 stroke care coordinated with local emergency medical services
  • Code Stroke – a process that ensures treatment begins as soon as possible
  • Telestroke – a two-way video system that connects patients to neurologists with critical expertise
  • Rapid transport by MedCenter Air when necessary

Complete Care for Cerebrovascular Conditions

When blood flow in your brain is disrupted, you need the best possible care to help you recover. And with expertise in even the most complex cases, our team of specialists works together to provide the highest quality care available, close to where you live.

From the latest diagnostic tools and life-saving medications to innovative surgeries and rehabilitation, we offer comprehensive treatment across cerebrovascular diseases and brain health emergencies.

Stroke Treatment

  • Ischemic stroke, caused by a clot blocking blood flow to the brain. We deliver emergency clot-busting treatments, like tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) and mechanical thrombectomy, faster than the national standard, giving you the best chance off a full recovery.
  • Hemorrhagic (bleeding) stroke, including intracerebral hemorrhage and subarachnoid hemorrhage, caused by a ruptured blood vessel in the brain. Our stroke program in Charlotte offers around-the-clock surgery for hemorrhagic strokes – treating more of these cases than almost any other hospital in the country.
  • Transient ischemic attack (TIA), also called a mini-stroke, a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain that causes stroke-like symptoms. If you have a mini-stroke, it may be a warning sign that a stroke is coming – and our experts can help you lower that risk.

Other Cerebrovascular Conditions Treated

  • Brain aneurysm, a weak spot in the wall of a blood vessel in the brain that bulges out like a balloon. If a brain aneurysm ruptures, that causes a hemorrhagic stroke.
  • Arteriovenous malformation (AVM), arteriovenous fistula and cavernous malformation, vascular malformations (abnormally formed blood vessels) that disrupt blood flow in the brain.
  • Carotid and vertebral artery dissection, a tear in the main arteries that supply blood to the brain, often caused by a neck injury.
  • Carotid artery disease (carotid stenosis) and intracranial stenosis, a narrowing of the arteries caused by atherosclerosis, or the build-up of plaque (fatty deposits).
  • Fibromuscular dysplasia, abnormal cell growth in the arteries that leads them to narrow, bulge or tear and restricts blood flow.
  • Moyamoya disease, which blocks blood flow to the brain and causes small blood vessels to form in attempt to compensate.

Leaders in Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery

As one of the largest and most comprehensive stroke rehabilitation programs in the region, we're committed to getting our patients back home as soon as possible.

Using state-of-the-art technologies, we care for some of the most complex stroke cases seen anywhere. Our experienced teams – including board-certified physicians, physical and occupational therapists, certified rehabilitation registered nurses and neuropsychologists – work in hospital, skilled nursing and at-home settings. These capabilities helped us become one of the first programs to earn certification from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), which recognizes high-quality care.

Learn more about inpatient and outpatient services from Atrium Health's Carolinas Rehabilitation.

Recognized for Our Stroke Expertise

For more than a decade, our team of emergency medicine physicians, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, nurses and other specialists has provided the highest level of care for even the most severe strokes.

Our stroke expertise has received national recognition from leading organizations:

Two badges side by side: Left 2023 Stroke American Heart Association and Right: The Joint Commission American Heart Association

  • Atrium Health's Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) is recognized by The Joint Commission as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center, the highest certification for care. See the latest outcomes reported by CMC.
  • CMC has also earned the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association's Get With the Guidelines (GWTG) Stroke Gold Plus and Target: Stroke Honor Roll Elite Plus, which recognize the consistent quality of patient care and outcomes.
  • Atrium Health Cabarrus is recognized by The Joint Commission as an Advanced Thrombectomy Capable Stroke Center. See the latest outcomes reported by Cabarrus.
  • Among our regional hospitals, 7 are certified by The Joint Commission as Advanced Primary Stroke Centers, and many more have earned quality achievement awards from the American Heart Association and American Stroke Association.

Meet Our Patients

Kristen's Story

Kristen is a mother, a runner and a stroke survivor. And with the right treatment both during and after her stroke, she's gotten back to the things she loves most.


Kent's Story

When all-around athlete Michael “Kent” Shirley was suddenly hit with a dizzy spell, he never suspected he was having a stroke. Thankfully, he received rapid stroke care and made a full recovery – running a 5K just three days later.

Locations Providing Stroke Care

We offer emergency stroke care at 40+ hospitals. Find a location near you.

Outpatient Care

Atrium Health Neurosciences Institute Charlotte
1010 Edgehill Road N.
Charlotte, NC 28207
Phone: 704-446-1900
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Atrium Health Neurology Cleveland
202 E. Grover St.
Shelby, NC 28150
Phone: 980-487-2360
Get Directions
Atrium Health Neurology Huntersville
9625 Northcross Center Court, Suite 102
Huntersville, NC 28078
Phone: 704-403-1911
Get Directions
Atrium Health Neurology Lincoln
441 McAlister Road, Suite 2220
Lincolnton, NC 28029
Phone: 980-212-6650
Get Directions
Atrium Health Neurology Cabarrus
315 Medical Park Drive, Suite 202
Concord, NC 28025
Phone: 704-403-1911
Get Directions
Atrium Health Neurology Pineville
10620 Park Road, Suite 4500
Charlotte, NC 28210
Phone: 704-667-8800
Get Directions
Atrium Health Neurology Union
1423 E. Franklin St., Suite I
Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: 800-230-1721
Get Directions Atrium Health Neurology University City
101 W.T. Harris Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28262
Phone: 704-403-1911
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Inpatient Care

Atrium Health's Carolinas Medical Center
1000 Blythe Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203
Phone: 704-335-2000
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Atrium Health Cabarrus
920 Church Street North
Concord, NC 28025
Phone: 704-403-3000
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Atrium Health Union
600 Hospital Drive
Monroe, NC 28112

Phone: 980-993-3100
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Atrium Health University City
8800 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28262

Phone: 704-863-6000
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Atrium Health Cleveland
201 East Grover Street
Shelby, NC 28150

Phone: 980-487-2360
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Atrium Health Lincoln
433 McAlister Road
Lincolnton, NC 28092

Phone: 980-212-2000
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Atrium Health Anson
2301 US Highway 74 West
Wadesboro, NC 28170

Phone: 704-994-4500
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Atrium Health Stanly
301 Yadkin Street
Albemarle, NC 28002

Phone: 704-984-4000
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