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2018 - 2019


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Podium Presentations

Wohler A, Wally M, Churchill C, Seymour R, Hsu J. Prospective Observational Study of an Integrated Therapeutic InitiatiVe for Extremities (POSITIVE): Implementation of an Integrated Orthotic and Rehabilitation Program in the Civilian Setting. Limb Lengthening and Reconstruction Society. Boston, MA. 2019.

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Poster Presentations

Wally M, Seymour R, Hsu J, PRIMUM group. Practice variation in compliance with opioid prescribing legislation. Southeastern Fracture Consortium. Chapel Hill, NC. 2019.

Wally M, Seymour R, Hsu J, PRIMUM. Practice Variation in Compliance with Opioid Prescribing Legislation. Southeast Fracture Symposium. Chapel Hill, NC. 2019.

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*OCRI-OrthoCarolina Research Institute


2012 Publications


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Book Chapters

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*OCRI-OrthoCarolina Research Institute


2011 Publications


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Book Chapters

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*OCRI-OrthoCarolina Research Institute


2010 Publications


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