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2019 - 2020 Residents

Miranda Benfield, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
Pharmacy School: Wingate University School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests: Hematology/Oncology
Research Project: Identification of clinical and pharmacogenetic risk factors for post-transplant cyclophosphamide-related cardiotoxicity
Why CMC?: I wanted to complete my residency at a large, academic hospital where I would be exposed to different specialties, research opportunities and multidisciplinary interactions. I am thankful to have completed my fourth-year rotations here at CMC where I had the opportunity to interact with both residents and preceptors. The preceptors truly want to invest in your learning and help you grow as a clinician. I also wanted to be part of a program that had a PGY-2 in my interest area. The Levine Cancer Institute here is also quickly growing with many learning and research opportunities. CMC also hosts students from multiple pharmacy school which gives the residency class an opportunity to fine-tune their precepting skills. Everyone here at CMC has been so welcoming and it has truly made the transition to a resident much easier. Charlotte has been home to me for the past four years and I am excited to get to continue my residency here!

Olivia Berger, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Pharmacy School: University of Pittsburgh
Clinical Interests: Internal Medicine; Pain/Palliative Care
Research Project: Evaluation of enoxaparin treatment-dose protocol for obese patients
Why CMC?: During my residency program search, I was looking for a program that had a wide variety of rotation experiences, unique educational/professional opportunities, and a progressive pharmacy environment. Carolinas Medical Center encompasses all of this and more. With my unique interest in palliative care, I was excited to learn about the palliative care rotation and the expansive Levine Cancer Institute because I knew I would be able to explore this interest further. Also, I am excited to have experiences in toxicology, behavioral health, and internal medicine. Being from Pittsburgh, I wanted to see what pharmacy practice was like in another state, such as North Carolina. The preceptors at CMC are passionate about their work and make each experience, whether it is a rotation or a project, exciting. 6 PGY1 residents has been the perfect number of people to work, learn, and spend time with outside of work. Moving to Charlotte has been great so far and I’m excited to explore the city as the year goes on!

Ariel Denson, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: The University of Alabama
Pharmacy School:
Samford University McWhorter School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Hematology/Oncology, Critical Care 
Research Project:
Comparative analysis of efficacy and tolerability between brand Gleevec and generic imatinib
Why CMC?:
Initially, I was drawn to Carolinas Medical Center because of my desire to complete PGY-1 training at a large, academic medical center where pharmacists are valued as an integral member of the healthcare team. I was impressed with the wide variety of rotations offered in over a dozen pharmacy practice areas, as well as the opportunity to develop my teaching skills through completion of the Teaching and Learning Curriculum. The preceptors and pharmacy staff have all been so welcoming and great to work with. Also, Charlotte is a great city to live in—near both beaches and mountains!

Bliss Green, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
Pharmacy School:
The University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Infectious Diseases, Solid Organ Transplant
Research Project:
Comparison of beta-lactam and non-beta lactam antibiotics for the treatment of urinary tract infections caused by carbapenem resistant enterobacteriaceae
Why CMC?:
I had the pleasure of completing my fourth year APPEs at CMC so gained valuable insight on the PGY1 residency program through my continuous interactions with the residents and preceptors. It was obvious that the program offered the key components of a well-rounded PGY1 residency that I was seeking, including a myriad of robust clinical rotations, advanced teaching/research opportunities, and continuous mentorship from prestigious clinicians who promote a supportive yet highly autonomous residency experience. In addition, the program offered experiences in my key interest areas (infectious diseases and solid organ transplant) while also having a PGY2 infectious disease program. I also think the residency class is a perfect size and I have enjoyed bonding with my co-residents already. Lastly, Charlotte is awesome!

Sarah Hanson, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Pharmacy School: The University of North Carolina Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Hematology/Oncology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine
Research Project:
Evaluation of vancomycin or nafcillin for late onset sepsis in the NICU
Why CMC?:
I wanted to complete my PGY1 residency at a large academic medical center where I could gain exposure to a wide variety of clinical opportunities in an innovative practice environment. I completed my fourth-year rotations at Carolinas Medical Center and really valued the supportive preceptors, collaborative practice atmosphere, and the high standards held system-wide to ensure optimal patient care and safety. I knew completing my residency at a cutting-edge medical center like CMC that prioritizes both patient care and practice advancements would provide a strong clinical foundation and allow me to further explore my specialty interests. I was also drawn to the teaching and learning curriculum and the opportunity to precept students throughout my longitudinal rotation experiences. The intermediate program size has allowed me to develop close relationships with all of my co-residents and has given me flexibility in creating a rotation schedule catered to my clinical interests. I am looking forward to a great year!