2018-2019 Residents

Danielle Ecabert, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: Northeastern University
Pharmacy School: Northeastern University
Clinical Interests: Solid Organ Transplant, Infectious Disease
Research Project: Incidence of chronic lithium toxicity and opportunities for prevention through provider education
Why CMC?: I chose CMC because I was attracted by the large number and variety of clinical experiences offered and by the opportunity to gain precepting skills through the Teaching and Learning Curriculum. I was also interested in pursuing a residency at a large academic institution, in which the pharmacist is an integrated and valued member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team. The friendly and welcoming environment that I have encountered since starting here has further affirmed my decision to start my career here. I am looking forward to gaining a lot of invaluable experience this year and exploring what the city of Charlotte has to offer!

Tyler Ginn, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Pharmacy School: University of Pittsburgh
Clinical Interests: Infectious Diseases and Toxicology
Research Project: Fluconazole versus caspofungin as initial therapy for bloodstream infections caused by fluconazole-susceptible Candida spp. in the era of rapid diagnostic testing
Why CMC?: When I was looking at residency programs, Carolinas Medical Center stood out because of its vast array of rotation options along with unique clinical, educational, and professional opportunities. With primary interests in toxicology and infectious diseases, I was ecstatic to see a program that offered both a PGY-2 infectious diseases residency and a toxicology fellowship. Furthermore, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone by leaving my home state and seeing how pharmacy is practiced in a progressive area like North Carolina. All of the preceptors love what they do, and you can tell that their passion is contagious. It makes for a fantastic experience in a safe, nurturing learning and teaching environment. Although all residency programs are going to be challenging, it is really relieving to have 5 co-residents to bounce ideas off of and spend time with outside of work. Charlotte has become a booming town with many diverse neighborhoods and a top-tier food and beer scene.

Hailey Hill, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: North Carolina State University
Pharmacy School:
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Research Project:
Balanced versus saline crystalloid resuscitation in patients with sepsis and septic shock 
Why CMC?:
I wanted to complete my PGY-1 residency at a large, academic hospital where I could develop my clinical knowledge, precepting, and leadership skills. I was drawn to Carolinas Medical Center specifically because the pharmacy department and the residency class resembled a close-knit community. I appreciate the variety of elective rotations available at CMC and how flexible the program has been to accommodate my interests. Being from Charlotte, I was especially excited to come back home and enjoy going to sports games, eating at my favorite restaurants, and exploring new places.

Christina Maher, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Pharmacy School:
Jefferson College of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Transplant, Ambulatory Care, Infectious Diseases 
Research Project:
Evaluation of adherence to iron chelator and hydroxyurea therapy in adult sickle cell patients
Why CMC?:
I was initially drawn to CMC because of the myriad of learning opportunities and the ability to work with a diverse patient population. I fell in love with CMC at my interview when I was able to round with an interdisciplinary team. This experience was invaluable because I was able to witness the pharmacist’s relationship with the team. I was impressed by the respect and autonomy the pharmacist was given. The city of Charlotte was also a huge draw for me because of my love of the outdoors. Charlotte is perfectly located in the south to the mountains, beach and lakes close by.

Stephanie Welch, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Connecticut
Pharmacy School:
University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy
Clinical Interests:
Infectious Diseases, Academia
Research Project:
Clinical Impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship and Rapid Diagnostics in Pediatric Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia
Why CMC?:
I knew I wanted to complete my PGY1 training at a large, academic medical center.  It was important for me to have the chance to care for a diverse population and work closely with teams of medical professionals and students of all levels.  I was drawn to CMC because it offered all of these opportunities in an extremely supportive and progressive environment.  The program’s flexibility has allowed me to gain experience in a wide variety of clinical areas and learn from exceptional, highly-trained clinical pharmacists.  I also love the size of the program.  Even at such a large institution, the PGY1 program has provided me with a very individualized experience and a close-knit group of five co-residents.  Overall, CMC is a great environment for young clinicians to learn and grow, both personally and professionally.

Alyshia Wiggins, PharmD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Florida
Pharmacy School: University of Florida 
Clinical Interests: Toxicology, Oncology, Internal Medicine 
Research Project: Olanzapine for Prophylaxis of Chemotherapy Induced Nausea and Vomiting in Adult Bone Marrow Transplant Patients 
Why CMC?: I chose CMC because I knew I wanted to complete my PGY-1 training at a large, academic medical center. This program offered a wide variety of clinical rotations with the flexibility to fit my goals and interests while allowing opportunities for teaching and developing my leadership skills. I felt very welcomed by all of the preceptors during my interview and knew that I would be able to learn in a supportive environment. Also, Charlotte is a fun, rapidly growing city with plenty of great restaurants, breweries and neighborhoods to explore!