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VascularAccessChild Simulation Equipment

The VascularAccessChild®, manufactured by Simulab Corporation, is a high fidelity, soft tissue, pediatric simulator designed to train central line placement. This simulated five year old child includes three access sites, replaceable tissues, and ultrasound compatibility during catheter placement.

Access Sites:

  • Internal jugular
  • Subclavian
  • Femoral

Skill Development:

  • Vascular catheterization
  • Using ultrasound guidance during catheter placement
  • Identification and palpation of anatomic landmarks significant to the procedure

Features and Benefits:

  • Anatomically correct five year old with internal and external landmarks
  • Differentiates arterial and venous blood to show positive or negative results
  • Self-sealing veins and skin for multiple practices
  • Natural tissue resistance and flashback of blood
  • Replaceable tissue sets
  • Arterial pulse and proper landmarks are present to help avoid and detect errors
  • Easily adjustable venous pressure to simulate complications
  • Ultrasound compatible - responds to ultrasound for guidance during catheter placement
  • Hand pump that provides arterial pulse