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MODEL-med Sophie and Sophie’s Mum Birth Simulator Version 4.0The MODEL-med® Sophie and Sophie’s Mum Birth Simulator Version 4.0 simulates cephalic birth, breech birth, and shoulder dystocia. The flesh-like material creates a realistic and tactile birthing experience.

When using the simulator, you will usually have two people operating the model. One will be pushing the fetus through Sophie’s Mum’s birth canal, while the other will be delivering Sophie. The fetus has a full metal skeleton that allows realistic movement when practicing maneuvers such as a nuchal arm.


Prompt Birthing Simulator

PROMPT Birthing SimulatorThe PROMPT Birthing Simulator, manufactured by Limbs & Things, enables instructors to effectively teach the complexities associated with birthing. Learning routine and emergency care for obstetrical patients can be achieved by combining the PROMPT simulator with a standardized patient (human actress). This is called hybrid simulation which adds realism to scenarios. The standardized patient allows realistic human interaction and communication while the PROMPT simulator supports the performance of obstetrical skills. The detachable abdominal and perineal skin enables visualization of internal maneuvers and fetal positioning during training. Learners can see how maneuvers affect the fetus in-utero.

Product Features

  • Anatomically accurate perineum and pelvic floor muscles, with bony pelvis modeled from CT scan data
  • The abdominal skin can be removed to display anatomical structures and fetal positioning
  • Representative full term baby with:
    • Palpable fontanel and suture lines
    • Palpable clavicles and scapulae
    • Detachable placenta with cord
  • Mother allows for multiple delivery positions and techniques:
    • Normal delivery
    • Breech delivery
    • Vacuum delivery
    • Shoulder dystocia management
    • Forceps delivery
    • Delivery of placenta