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Class of 2024
Class of 2025
Class of 2026

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Year    Number of Positions   
 PGY-1 Preliminary Interns  8
 PGY-1 Categorical Interns  12
 PGY-2 Categorical Residents  12
 PGY-3 Categorical Residents  12


Our residency program is characterized by an exceptional group of residents who are strong clinicians, outstanding teammates and enthusiastic learners. Our program consists of 20 PGY-1 residents, of which 12 are categorical interns and 8 are preliminary interns. Our preliminary interns enter fields in everything from radiology, dermatology, anesthesia, physical medicine and rehabilitation, neurology, radiation oncology, and ophthalmology. In addition, we have 12 PGY-2 and 12 PGY-3 residents for a total of 44 residents all together. Currently, our residents come from all over the United States and represent over twenty outstanding US medical schools.

Our program is characterized by exceptional camaraderie and teamwork. We are a close-knit program, and you will get to know your fellow residents and the faculty extremely well. We foster a supportive environment, and our program leadership is extremely receptive to ideas and suggestions from our residents.


Where Do Our Residents Come From?

Our residents come from medical schools all over the United States. We have enjoyed having many residents from the Southeast, but we love to welcome new members to the CMC family from all over the country. Each dot on the above map represents a medical school from which we have had a resident (or several) join us in recent years.


Internal Medcine Residents 1 Internal Medcine Residents 2 Internal Medcine Residents 3
Internal Medcine Residents 1 Internal Medcine Residents 2 Resident-Group-1.JPG
Resident-Group-2.JPG Resident-Group-3.JPG Resident-Group-4.JPG
IM Resident Group   IM Resident Group 2  IM Resident Group 3