Salary and Benefits for Internal Medicine ResidentsDuring the 2018-2019 academic year, salaries for House Staff in the Graduate Medical Education Programs at Carolinas Medical Center are as follows:

  • PGY-1 $53,503
  • PGY-2 $55,205
  • PGY-3 $57,002


Atrium Health provides the following coverage for House Staff and their family members (at no charge)

  • Medical coverage under the Choice 30 Plan - First Day Coverage 
  • Prescription drug coverage with CarolinaCARE/Catarnaran
  • Dental coverage with DELTA Dental Plan

Choice 30 is a consumer driven (high-deductible) option that includes a health savings account (HSA) feature, administered by MedCost Benefits Services

Premiums for medical insurance are paid for House Staff and their families for the Choice 30 Plan. House Staff will be responsible for deductibles and co-pays for office visits, prescription and dental expenses.

Atrium Health provides the following insurances for House Staff only

  • Professional liability
  • Life
  • Disability 

Vision plan and other voluntary benefits are available with premiums being payroll deducted. Vision plan is First Day Coverage, administered by Community Eye Care with no copay for eye exams and annual allowance for eyewear up to $200. 

Dental Insurance

  • No Premiums for Dental Coverage for house staff and family members - First Day Coverage
  • Preventive care is covered at 100% and does not apply to coverage maximums
  • Annual Preventive Dental Care rewards you additional $100 each year added to annual max up to $2,000

Atrium Health will pay the dental insurance premiums, House Staff pay deductible and co-pays.Salary and Benefits for Internal Medicine Residents

Professional Liability Insurance

  • Malpractice insurance coverage provided for all actions occurring while performing residency responsibilitiesGroup Term Life Insurance - First DayCoverage                                                             
  • Basic Life Insurance
    • Paid by Atrium Health and is equal to 1-1/2 times annual salary (maximum $300,000)
  • Business Travel Accident
    • $100,000 coverage for authorized business travel by house staff 

Supplemental Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits are offered at initial enrollment and may be increased during our Annual Open Enrollment:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Voluntary Benefit Options

You may enroll in the following benefits with our voluntary benefit partner

  • Accident Plan
  • Critical Illness Plan
  • Long Term Care
  • Legal Plan
  • Identity Theft
  • Whole Life
  • Dependent Back Up Care
  • Home & Auto

Short Term and Long Term Disability Insurance 

Eligibility: standard hours of 30 hours (or more) weekly - automatically enrolled with First Day Coverage

  • Short Term Disability benefits include a 14 day elimination period
  • Short Term Disability Buy-UP reduces the elimination period to 7 days
  • Long Term Disability benefits may begin after 180 days of disability
  • Pay 60% of base salary

All pre-existing exclusions apply to Long Term Disability plans.


PGY-1 year
  Two weeks vacation plus five days at Christmas/New Year's.
PGY-1 year
Two weeks vacation plus five days at Christmas/New Year's. Typically also allowed moving time from June 24-30.
PGY-2 year Two weeks vacation plus five days at Christmas/New Year's.

One week of CME time for an educational trip in the Continental US, for which tuition and expenses up to $1900 are provided.

PGY-3 year Three weeks vacation plus five days at Christmas/New Year's. Typically also allowed moving time from June 24-30.

One week of CME time for an educational trip in the Continental US, for which tuition and expenses up to $1900 are provided.


401(k) Matched Savings Plan

Eligibility: Team members with 16 standard hours (or more) weekly

Plan Features:

  • Automatic Enrollment of 3% pre-tax contribution after 3 months of employment
  • Automatic Contribution Increase –your pre-tax contributions are automatically increased each year until you reach 6%
  • You can contribute up to 75 % of your pay, not to exceed the IRS dollar limit:
    • 2015 Annual IRS Limit = $18,000
    • Age 50 or older –additional catch up opportunity of $6,000

Basic information about the 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan is provided in the Atrium Health New Teammate packet

Atrium Health Contributions

  • 75% of the first 4% and 50% of the next 2% making a total maximum match 4% of your pay
  • Basic contribution: each year, Atrium Health will contribute 2% of your pay to your account, regardless of whether you save through the plan
  • Discretionary contribution: this contribution is based on System performance, similar to the Performance Plus program. When we meet certain targets, you account can receive an additional contribution, based on your service
  • Eligibility for basic and discretionary contributions: you must complete 12 months of service to receive the basic and discretionary contributions made by Atrium Health

You will receive a Welcome Kit from Retirement Plan Services, our service partner for the administration of our retirement plans



  • All team members in a regular status (including PRN) are eligible for the ADVANTAGE plan
  • Temporary Team Members are not eligible

Note: Make sure that you are maximizing your 401(k) contributions before considering enrolling in the ADVANTAGE Plan

Continuing Education [CE]

$1900 in scholarly activities funds are provided each academic year which may be used for:

  • Educational trips in the Continental US
  • Medical/dental professional dues/memberships
  • Medical/dental texts/periodicals/journal subscriptions/software applications
  • Registration for USMLE exams and Board Certification exams - $500 limit
  • Approved Medical/dental equipment - $500 limit
  • Lab coats and scrubs beyond the standard allotment
  • Purchase of an iPad or other electronic device that is compatible with Atrium Health technologies (EMR) - $500 limit - see below
    • This is a one time purchase for the length of training
    • The funds for this device are taxable under federal guidelines
    • Using this device, resident may seamlessly connect to the hospital network and electronic medical record which makes patient rounding even more efficient

Family Leave

  • Up to six weeks for qualifying circumstances


  • Three lab coats and laundry service provided


  • Meal points are provided quarterly for use in the hospital cafeterias and Starbucks Coffee®


  • PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents are allowed to moonlight assuming program director approval of the activity
  • There is a popular voluntary moonlighting opportunity available


  • Free covered and reserved parking for residents

Salary and Benefits for Internal Medicine ResidentsSocial Events/Activities

  • Resident holiday dance
  • Formal graduation banquet
  • New intern welcome party
  • Resident social committee
  • Numerous departmental activities throughout the year (e.g. picnics, dinners)
  • Intramural softball and kickball teams
  • Annual department golf tournament
  • Weekly trivia team