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Atrium Health – Myers Park Internal Medicine Clinic

Myers Park Clinic serves as the main ambulatory training site for our residents. Myers Park Clinic is located less than two blocks from the hospital, and physician parking is available on-site in a covered deck with key-card entry.

In addition to general medicine and various medicine specialty clinics, Myers Park houses clinics in surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology and orthopedic surgery. A pharmacy, phlebotomy lab, pharmacy-run anticoagulation clinic and a radiology suite are available in the clinic as well.

Our internal medicine clinic is certified as a Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) with very high patient and employee satisfaction rates. The PCMH is a team-based model of care led by a patient's primary care physician who provides continuous and coordinated care to maximize health outcomes.

Department of Internal Medicine group Department of Internal Medicine group

General Internal Medicine Clinic

Our residents spend time in ambulatory practice at Myers Park Clinic throughout their training. Our categorical residents are assigned a panel of continuity patients and serve as their primary care physician over the course of their residency training. Our preliminary residents also spend time at Myers Park Clinic but their ambulatory experience is tailored more to seeing hospital follow-up and urgent care type visits. Each resident has an assigned nurse that works closely with that resident to facilitate communications with the house officer’s patients.

The general internal medicine clinic is staffed by residents with supervision from internal medicine faculty. The ratio of attending staff to resident is never more than 1:3 and often is 1:2. This low resident/faculty ratio allows more time for teaching in clinic.

On average, interns will begin the year with three patients per clinic session and increase to five patients by the end of the year, PGY-2 residents will see four to six patients per session and PGY-3 residents may see seven to eight patients per session.

To reduce tensions between fulfilling inpatient and outpatient duties, our residents do not have any continuity clinic scheduled during inpatient months. Specifically, our residents do not have any ambulatory clinic sessions scheduled during their Staff Medicine, CCU, MICU, or ED rotations. Conversely, residents have longitudinal continuity clinic exposure scheduled during their various specialty consult and elective months. In addition, residents are scheduled for a dedicated ambulatory medicine rotation each year. Whenever a resident is scheduled for continuity clinic, any inpatient clinical responsibilities are handled by other team members and/or the attending physician to minimize disruptions to patient care and learning.  Finally, all residents spend additional time in the ambulatory setting when rotating on the various consult and specialty blocks.  This dedicated outpatient time during electives allows residents to get a full view of the scope and breadth of the subspecialty.

Full time ancillary staff at the clinic includes:

  • Nutritionist/dietitian
  • Diabetes educators
  • Asthma educator
  • Clinical pharmacists
  • Mental health counselors
  • Social workers and a community case management team

We also have multiple disease management and health coaching programs including Diabetes management, HTN clinic, CHF management and Asthma Shared Decision Making clinic. In addition, our clinical pharmacists run a Medication Management Clinic.

Myers-Park-Nurses.jpg Department of Internal Medicine group Department of Internal Medicine group

Subspecialty Clinics

While on subspecialty consult blocks, residents participate in subspecialty outpatient clinics that serve the Myers Park Clinic population. The attending to resident ratio is 1:1 for most these clinics. House officers on subspecialty rotations attend 1-3 subspecialty clinics per week depending on the rotation. There are no subspecialty clinic duties during the rotations on staff medicine, MICU or ED.

Current subspecialty clinic offerings include:

  • General Medicine consults
    • Perioperative Clinic
  • Cardiology consults
    • Cardiology Clinic
    • CHF Clinic
  • Endocrinology consults
    • Diabetes Clinic
    • Diabetes in Pregnancy Clinic
    • Endocrine clinic
  • Gastroenterology consults
    • GI Clinic
    • Hepatology Clinic
  • Hematology-Oncology consults
    • Hematology-Oncology Clinic
    • Transplant Clinic
  • Neurology consults
    • Neurology Clinic
    • Movement Disorder Clinic
    • ALS Clinic
  • Pulmonary consults
    • Pulmonary Clinic
  • Infectious Disease
    • Infectious Disease Clinic
    • HIV Clinic
  • Rheumatology consults

Myers Park Clinic Recognition

The Myers Park Internal Medicine Clinic group has been recognized in many ways. In addition to being a certified as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, some of the highlights include:

FPN Shooting Star Award: Awarded to our Myers Park Internal Medicine Clinic nursing team for going beyond the call of duty

Touchstone Awards: For team-based quality initiatives to improve screening for diabetic neuropathy and for reducing hospital readmissions through team-based care coordination

AHRQ funded Grants: For asthma shared-decision-making, health coaching and reducing hospital readmissions

Department of Internal Medicine group Department of Internal Medicine group