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Volunteering is truly the gift that rewards the giver as much as the recipient.

Carefully chosen and carefully trained, our volunteers bring an open heart and an extra pair of hands while they donate their time, efforts and talents to patients and their loved ones.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the areas of patient care, community service and administration.

Patient/Family Care Volunteers are required to attend 12 hours of our general volunteer training sessions. These sessions are scheduled throughout the year.

Apply to Volunteer

Call 704-935-9434 or send us an email if you are interested in applying to volunteer or if you have questions about volunteering.

Profile of a Volunteer

It takes a special person to be a volunteer. Here are some of the qualities that make our volunteers so successful:

  • Flexibility: our volunteers are comfortable with a variety of people and situations
  • Non-judgmental attitude: our volunteers set aside their own attitudes and beliefs
  • Warmth and compassion: hospice volunteers are experts at sharing themselves with those in need
  • A passion to help people: they also have energy and optimism
  • Ability to work with others: each volunteer is a vital part of the team

Volunteer Opportunities

Patient/Family Care Volunteers:
As a Patient/Family Care Volunteer, you may spend a lot of time sitting and talking with patients. You may help with household duties, write letters, make phone calls, brush hair, play soothing music, do laundry, among other things. You may also have the opportunity to help someone achieve a final wish.

Patient/Family care volunteers serve at Tucker Inpatient Unit, in nursing care facilities and in homes of patients.

Interlude Music Volunteers:
Music volunteers have additional training to prepare them for playing soothing, comforting music for patients at Tucker Inpatient Unit, in nursing care facilities and in patients’ homes. Some instruments played by volunteers include harp, piano, mandolin, mandola, guitar, bowed psaltery and flute.

Once you have completed your 12-hour general volunteer training, you need to schedule an audition and additional musical training with our Interlude Director.

Comforting Paws Volunteers:
Comforting Paws, our pet visitation program, provides people with companionship, love and something to look forward to in their day. Patients become more sociable and experience less loneliness and depression when animals are present. Our pet volunteers also help to provide stimulation and encourage conversation.

Comforting Paws Volunteer Training:
You must complete our 12-hour general volunteer training course and must also complete training with your pet through a certified therapy organization. Prior to making visits, your pet must pass a screening.

Certified dog therapy organizations include, but are not limited to:

Administrative Volunteers:
As an administrative volunteer, you may assist with filing, typing, answering phones and help with mailings.

Teen Volunteers:
Teen volunteers may assist patients in nursing facilities and at Tucker Inpatient Unit. Teens may also participate in administrative and community volunteer opportunities for hospiceTeens need to be at least 16 years old and will be required to have a permission form signed by a parent/guardian.

Community Volunteers:
Community volunteers help spread the word about hospice care and have opportunities to help with special events, fundraisers and health fairs.