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Primary Care Connect is an extension of your primary care team, giving you access to a nurse for phone calls and video visits about your health. It’s designed for patients with an ongoing health concern or those with a temporary or acute issue after release from a medical facility like a hospital or nursing home.

Through this program, your care provider and nurse will work with you to create a personalized care plan specific to your health needs. This extended team can include a pharmacist, access to social workers and community paramedics.

Once enrolled in the program, you’ll be able to:
  • Connect with the care you need through phone calls or video visits – on your schedule
  • Discuss your health needs on a regular basis directly with your primary care team
  • Receive customized education about your health conditions and medications
  • Partner with us to develop your personalized care plan

Get Enrolled and Connect with a Nurse

Provider referral:
  1. At an upcoming visit, your doctor will go over your health needs and ask the nurse to enroll you in the program.
  2. You will get a call to schedule an appointment to speak with your nurse.
  3. After you are enrolled in the program, you will have a direct number to call your nurse and pharmacist as needed.

Patient experiences