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Babies may experience different behaviors or symptoms to be concerned about as they grow and develop. The most common ones are shaken baby syndrome, colic, jaundice and an ear infection. Use the guide below to identify some symptoms to look for. 

Crying and Colic are Normal

Crying is one of the ways babies communicate. Crying-including prolonged bouts where your baby may seem inconsolable is normal developmental behavior in babies. Taking care of a crying infant is a lot of work, and feeling frustrated, drained and a little desperate is a normal reaction to a hard situation. Keeping your emotions in check - staying calm - is important for your own sake for also for your baby.

If your baby starts fussing and you don't know what to do, try mimicking the womb by swaddling your baby. Rock your baby while you hold them in their swaddle and play some soft music to try to calm them down. If that doesn't work, try going for a walk. All of these ideas are was to calm and soothe your baby while bonding with them.

Common Infant Illness