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At Atrium Health employer services, our corporate wellness services will improve your bottom line, the health of your employees and safety of your workplace. With on-site, near-site and virtual care options, we provide customized wellness solutions based on your unique business needs.

To achieve a comprehensive healthcare approach, we begin all partnerships with an in-depth health assessment of your employee population. This allows us to have a more targeted impact on your organization.

To get a better feel for your employees’ health, we will work with you to:

  • Assess historical claims data
  • Gather information on the current state of your workforce
  • Analyze program results on an ongoing basis
  • Make necessary changes for the greatest impact

Biometric screenings

To improve the overall health of your workforce, it’s important to identify employees’ risks associated with chronic disease, emotional health and unhealthy behaviors (especially those that may be adjustable). We accomplish this with a 16-part risk assessment survey and biometric screening.

Unlike medical claims that provide information only after an individual has seen a doctor or received diagnosis, our biometric screenings identify those at risk of chronic conditions and/or those who may be unaware of a current condition because of infrequent doctor visits. This type of early detection often saves employers money as healthcare costs increase with disease progression.

What to expect

To begin biometric screening, we will send an experienced team of nurses, educators and a screening coordinator to your workplace. In adherence with Atrium Health’s strict quality standards, our specialists will conduct a standard single-station screening that includes blood pressure, height/weight, waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), glucose and lipid profile. We also offer fingerstick and venipuncture options, flexible scheduling and marketing support to encourage employee participation.

Participants can access their fingerstick or venipuncture results via their Personal Health Portal. This will also contain their biometric screening data, health education and a comprehensive personal health report. Employees’ personal health reports will combine their health risk assessment and biometric screening data, as well as easy-to-understand explanations of results and tips for potential health improvements.

Reports and outcome tracking

Using our proprietary software to merge survey and screening data, we provide employers a “health snapshot” of their workforce. The snapshot includes demographics, biometric information, modifiable behaviors, emotional health concerns and information regarding the number of employees who qualify for age- and sex-specific screenings and examinations.

Based on our results from the claims analysis and health snapshot, we work with employers to develop customized health management solutions. This helps employers not only improve employee health, but also reduce healthcare costs. Outcomes are tracked regularly and, if necessary, adjustments are made.

Flu clinics

The flu is a serious respiratory illness that can cause missed work, hospitalizations, and, in some cases, even death. As part of our employee wellness programs, we provide flu vaccinations directly at your workplace. This makes it easy and cost-effective to keep your employees safe. It can also reduce employee absenteeism due to off-site vaccine appointments and employee illness.

Our flu clinics require a minimum of 30 participants per location and a minimum of 100 participants if the company is more than 60 minutes outside of the Atrium Health service footprint boundary.

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