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Visitor Restrictions Update: Because flu & RSV cases are on the rise, starting November 16, children 12 and younger are restricted from visiting hospitals, certain inpatient facilities, and all emergency departments. Learn more.

Atrium Health Women’s Care offers customized support starting the day you find out you’re pregnant, or the day you realize you need help getting there. We’re here for you and your baby at every step – from pregnancy to childbirth and as you learn your new life together. 

U. S. News and World Report: High performing hospitals Maternity 2021 and 2022.  Newsweek: Best maternity hospitals 2022.

In addition to top fertility and high-risk pregnancy specialists, Atrium Health has exceptional care for both moms and babies. We’re the only health system in the region recognized by U.S. News & World Report for maternity and newborn care. Our maternity centers consistently meet high national standards for safety and expertise, and we have more maternity hospitals awarded by Newsweek than anyone else in the region.

No matter where you are in your journey, Atrium Health Women’s Care is exactly where you need to be.

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Learn what to expect in each trimester.

Maternity services and support

Our maternity care is here for you at every step, with:

  • A full care team. Obstetricians, certified nurse-midwives, high-risk specialists, lactation consultants and others help you stay healthy.
  • Infertility and reproductive care. When you need help getting pregnant, you have the latest technology, top success rates and an expert team on your side.
  • Maternal-fetal medicine. If your pregnancy is complex or high risk, you and your baby get the highest level of care from an unmatched team.
  • Maternity navigation. You’ll have a designated person who’s your personal guide, coach and advocate throughout your pregnancy journey.
  • A 24/7 nurse line. Wondering if something’s normal? Call day or night to talk to a nurse, and get your questions answered.
  • Classes and resources. Feel informed and supported with maternity classes and postpartum services.

When you choose Atrium Health Women’s Care, your baby gets seamless connection to Atrium Health Levine Children’s. This includes neonatologists, an award-winning children‘s hospital, and a nationally recognized NICU if they need more advanced care after birth. Levine Children’s also has neighborhood pediatricians, as well as children’s emergency rooms and urgent cares, to keep your baby healthy as they grow up.

Maternity classes 

Maternity classes help you feel better prepared for childbirth and life with a new baby. The best time to take one is between 24 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. See our maternity class schedule, and sign up for topics like:

These classes prepare you for labor and delivery and help you understand your options:

  • Preparing for Childbirth
  • Preparing for a C-Section Delivery
  • Preparing for Childbirth Refresher

These classes teach techniques to help you have a positive breastfeeding experience:

  • Breastfeeding Basics
  • Back-to-Work Breastfeeding Basics

These classes prepare you for those first days, weeks and months with a newborn at home:

  • Preparing Your Home for Baby
  • Infant Safety and CPR
  • Understanding Your Baby
  • Infant Massage

These classes are for key family members who will play an active role in your baby’s life:

  • Daddy Boot Camp
  • Sibling Class
  • Grandparent Class

See upcoming maternity classes, and sign up for topics that interest you.

New mom support

Maternity care is so much more than pregnancy and the day your baby is born. As you navigate life with a newborn, we’re here to help you heal and feel supported.

Meet other moms who “get it” to talk about important topics, like recovery, breastfeeding and mental health.

Find a group.

Atrium Health Women's Care Urogynecology and Pelvic Surgery treats pelvic floor disorders that can happen after pregnancy and childbirth.

Learn more.

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. When you need help, our lactation consultants are here to support you. They offer visits in the hospital after birth and at nearby doctor’s offices.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about our lactation support services, please visit our lactation services page.

Visitor and photo guidelines

Visitor guidelines

From ultrasounds to delivery, we know how important it is to have someone by your side. Before your next visit, please review our latest visitor policies.

Photography guidelines

Those first moments with your baby are special. We want you to capture them. To help us best focus on caring for you and your baby, we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • DO take photos or videos before your baby’s birth and after your baby is safely in your arms.
  • DO take photos or videos in your private room between check-ins.
  • DON’T take photos or videos during delivery, treatments or procedures.

And ALWAYS ask for permission before taking photos or videos that include your doctors and nurses, hospital staff, or other patients.

Maternity center locations

Atrium Health has maternity centers in Charlotte and surrounding areas. At each one, you’ll find extra touches to make your experience special and comfortable, like:

  • Wireless monitoring and birth support equipment, so you can labor how you want
  • Rooming-in, where your newborn stays in the same room as you
  • Family waiting areas, so your loved ones can be close by