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Leading the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer

Working in a fully equipped, 2,000-square-foot OB/GYN research laboratory, our team conducts translational research in its exploration of a variety of women’s health initiatives.

With a research team comprised of professionals from diverse backgrounds – ranging from physiology to pharmacy – our lab has the right people and the right resources to expand our understanding of ovarian cancer and how it can be treated more effectively.

Cracking Codes to Find Answers

Our primary focus is on cracking the code of ovarian cancer – specifically high-grade serous ovarian cancers, which is the most common form of the disease.

Current areas of interest include:

  • Biomarkers and molecular targets that may lead to better therapeutic benefits
  • Underexpressing and overexpressing HOX genes to determine drug resistance; such genes are involved in early organ development, which may be an early event in cancer development
  • Identifying genes that may or may not be resistant to chemotherapy

Our highly skilled clinicians and technicians have access to:

  • In-house tissue bank for ovarian cancer, which is used as a springboard for novel research
  • Next generation sequencing instruments to explore RNA expression levels
  • Microarrays to examine gene expression
  • Bioinformatic tools that process large amounts of genomic data to gain biologically relevant information

The lab receives support and funding from a variety of sources, including a Sonia Hanko Wyatt grant and funds from the annual Stiletto Sprint Fundraiser.