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Chief Resident's Comments

 Eric Westerback Eric Westerbeck, MD, Academic Chief Resident

I am honored to welcome you to Carolinas Rehabilitation! As the largest rehabilitation center in the Southeast, you will be exposed to the most diverse and complex patient population in the region. We are physically connected to the only Level I trauma center in Charlotte, with a catchment area that spans multiple states including Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, and beyond. In addition we are set to open our brand new, state of the art, 150,000 square-foot, 70 patient bed rehabilitation hospital in the fall of 2022 just mere steps away from our existing facility.
Additionally, our residents have an 18-month cycle didactic series, with direct feedback and guidance given by the residents to constantly refine and retool our didactics to reinforce clinical trends. We have incorporated specialized curricula including ultrasound workshops, fluoroscopy workshops, and a resident resiliency series throughout the academic year. Board review is provided year-round taught directly by the residents, with formal mock-oral examinations provided for the PGY-3s and PGY-4s once annually. Our goal here is to create the most well-rounded physiatrists with the ability to choose any specialty in rehabilitation confidently. I chose CR because of the incredible opportunities this system and city provided, the supportive environment from both administration and residents alike, and the focus on work-life balance. After my interview, I had no doubts that this was the place I was meant to train. I am confident you will feel the same.

Kirstin Weider

Kirstin Weider, DO, Quality Improvement Chief Resident

Welcome to Carolinas Rehabilitation! Our residency program offers a robust training in the wonderful city of Charlotte, NC. By graduation, our residents have completed a well-rounded physiatry exposure preparing them for diverse practice interests. Graduates have successfully matched to competitive fellowships in pain medicine, interventional spine and musculoskeletal medicine, sports medicine, as well as launching into careers as medical directors of inpatient rehabilitation units or as partners of successful outpatient private practices. In addition to an excellent clinical experience, residents gain valuable real-world experience through our quality improvement curriculum. Each resident takes the lead on a quality improvement project during their residency, fostering creative thinking and leadership in order to enhance patient care. Additional research projects are not required but are encouraged - with ample support from faculty mentors, research faculty, and many invaluable resources available through the Atrium Health hospital system. In-between fruitful academic opportunities, you can find residents and faculty joining together to participate in “Mindful Mondays” and “7-Minute Workout Thursdays” as part of our resiliency curriculum. With engaging rotations, opportunities for clinical as well as research leadership, and a growing resiliency curriculum, training at Carolinas Rehabilitation will ensure that you have the tools you need for a prosperous and rewarding career.

 Lauren Mogk Lauren Mogk, DO, Administrative Chief Resident

Carolinas Rehabilitation is a welcoming and supportive environment led by exceptional physicians and accommodating staff. Our residency program not only offers a well-rounded education that challenges residents in their professional growth, but also recognizes the importance of work life balance allowing residents to enjoy all that Charlotte has to offer.

PM&R Alumni Faculty Comments

Terrence Pugh, MD: “I have undergone a significant amount of personal and professional growth during my 3 years here as a resident at Carolinas Rehab, so I was very pleased when an opportunity presented itself to remain as faculty. I know that being a part of a great team of physicians, therapists, nurses and staff along with continued mentorship will only further advance my development as a physician. I look forward to continuing my career as an attending at Carolinas Rehabilitation.”

Jesse A. Lieberman, MD:  "I came to Carolinas Rehabilitation as a resident because I felt like it was the best program in the Southeast. I had an excellent experience as a resident and I felt very well prepared for my fellowship. I came back to join the faculty because of the excellent reputation of the hospital and program and the camaraderie amongst the faculty and residents. It is an excellent place to work and learn."

Matthew Shall, MD:  "After completing my residency training in Charlotte, I was excited to return as a faculty member to work with a number of the fantastic physicians who mentored me through my training. Carolinas Rehabilitation is in the forefront of rehabilitation not only locally and regionally, but has a growing reputation throughout the United States. I am proud to say that I am part of such an exemplary institution."

Vu Q. C. Nguyen, MD:  "I came here as a resident because it was the best program in the Southeast. The faculty's level of dedication to the program is unparalleled, and every resident is viewed as a unique gem with great brilliance just waiting to be polished. I chose this faculty job over others because I feel there's a special chemistry here. I am at home with this group of people. They're my mentors, pupils, colleagues and friends."

Sonya G. Rissmiller, MD:  "I came to Carolinas Rehabilitation for my residency because of its reputation, and because I had an immediate sense of acceptance and familiarity when I interviewed. The faculty is diverse in their interests, yet cohesive as a group. I feel privileged to call them my colleagues and that I am involved in teaching the residents. I am amazed with each year's group of residents. Just when I think we've found our best group yet, the group that follows emerges and proves to be every bit as dynamic as the group before. I couldn't imagine a better group of faculty or residents!"