Welcome to Academic Year 2018-2019!! 

Welcome to Carolinas Rehabilitation, home of the Department of PM&R at Carolinas Medical Center!! In previous years, I have focused this letter on the achievements of our institution. This year, I want to tell you about our phenomenal people. As we prepare to say goodbye to our Seniors, I reflect with joy the years these folks have spent here and their significant contributions to our family. 

Thank-you Seniors!!    

In case you are not aware, our Seniors achieved some of the top fellowships and jobs in the nation.

Bailowitz: Sports Medicine fellowship, Weill-Cornell with Dr. Chris Visco
Chambers: MSK fellowship, OSS Health with Dr. Michael Furman
Papas: private practice, New ReGeneration Orthopedics
Schmidt: MSK fellowship, Medical University of South Carolina with Dr. David O’Brien
Tran: MSK fellowship, Alabama Orthopedic Spine & Sports with Dr. Bradly Goodman

Nationally, our physicians continue to take leadership roles and to shape the conversations in the practice of rehabilitation medicine. Dr. Bockenek currently leads the Program for Academic Leadership (PAL), which develops future leaders in our specialty. He has been a Board Member of multiple national organizations to include the ASIA, the ABPMR, the ASCP, and the APS. He has also served as the Chair of the ACGME Residency Review Committee and the ACGME PM&R Milestones Work Group. Dr. Raj is the Chair of the Cancer Rehabilitation Group of the ACRM. He is a committee member of the Education Committee of the ISPRM and serves as an Oral Examiner for the ABPMR. Dr. Shall is a member of the Planning Committee and the CNS Rehabilitation Council of the AAPMR. Dr. Boncimino is a member of the Public Policy Committee of the AAPMR. Dr. Hirsch is the Chair-Elect of the Neurodegenerative Diseases Networking Group of the ACRM. Dr. Nguyen is a Board Member of the AAP, where he Chairs the Education Committee and previously served as President of the Residency and Fellowship Directors Council. He is the current PM&R representative to OPDA. He serves as a Vignette Writer and Proctor on the ABPMR. He is the North American Delegate of the Assembly of Delegates and a member of the Education Committee in the ISPRM.  

Beyond the far-reaching national and international leaderships, we have a strong core of dedicated teaching faculty and a hardworking group of residents. In fact, our Teacher of the Year Award was given to Dr. Alexander, who is an alum, but is also a volunteer faculty in our MSK/EMG curriculum. The chemistry in the department and residency is some of the strongest we have ever had. I love the monthly hiking group and the birthday celebrations. Let’s keep up the teamwork and the drive to keep us a strong family!!

Alumni, if you have successes, big or small, please share them with us. We want everyone to celebrate your achievements!! Welcome to 2018-2019 Academic Year and may your year be full of memories and success.  

Vu Q. C. Nguyen, MD, MBA
Vice Chair of Academics
Residency Program Director


Message from Associate Program Director

My path to becoming a Physiatrist was rather circuitous.  As a college student, I began as a nurse’s assistant on a rehabilitation unit for four summers in my small hometown in Ohio.  After college, I taught high school science and mathematics for two years and then attended The Ohio State University for graduate school.  After medical school, I was fortunate to find a prestigious PM&R residency program in Charlotte, North Carolina where I learned invaluable lessons about life, medicine, and myself.  I found a home within PM&R, Carolinas Rehabilitation, and in Charlotte with my wife and our three beautiful children.

As a Medical Director and Associate Program Director, my role includes oversight of the Mt. Holly rehabilitation hospital site as well as acting as a liaison between our industrious residents and talented faculty. Some of my key responsibilities include providing daily patient care with a focus on safety and durable outcomes, helping to guide organizational strategy, and representing our physician team on an administrative level.  Lastly, a highlight of my career and a favorite part of my job is mentoring medical students, residents and junior faculty.

I am very proud of our PM&R team at Carolinas Rehabilitation.  As a nationally renowned residency program, Carolinas Rehabilitation provides exceptional, high quality patient care and a distinguished resident educational training program in an appropriately rigorous but collegial atmosphere.  The vast diversity and quantity of patient encounters is expansive and offers abundant learning opportunities for medical students, resident physicians and faculty members.
Charlotte, Atrium Health, and the superior faculty at Carolinas Rehabilitation afford resident physicians a comprehensive and well-rounded education.  As a graduate of this exemplary program, I am proud to say that I am part of an amazing healthcare organization, an empathetic and esteemed faculty, and a robust residency program.
 Welcome to our home!

Matthew Shall, MD
Associate Program Director