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Class of 2023

Niel Andrews, MD

Hometown: Hillsborough, NC
Medical School:
University of North Carolina
Professional Interests: Interventional pain, sports and MSK, regenerative medicine, prosthetics and orthotics, TBI and SCI.
Personal Interests: Lifting, organized and recreational sports, film and music, salsa dancing and Mandarin Chinese.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
CR offers the most well-rounded training in inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation medicine in the southeast, and I'm a North Carolina native who wants to train within and serve my community


 1 Kennely

Megan Kennelly, MD

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Professional Interests: Inpatient rehabilitation, pediatrics, adaptive sports.
Personal Interests: Trying to expand my interests now that I have some free time again. Things I’m trying are hiking, kayaking, reading and hope to get back into travelling soon!

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
Carolina’s Rehab was at the top of my list and not just because it’s where I grew up. I wanted a residency program that valued each individual resident and functioned as a community rather than a department. The faculty, administration and residents are fantastic with a supportive environment that is hard to match. The fact that it is in Charlotte and close to home-cooked meals, mountains, beaches and lakes is just another added bonus!


 1 Mathern

Ryan Mathern, MD

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ
Medical School: Cooper Medical School of Rowan University
Professional Interests: Sports medicine, prosthetics and adaptive technologies, and musculoskeletal medicine.
Personal Interests: Anything outdoors, exploring new places, Philly sports, Penn State and spending time with family, our dog and chickens.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
Simply put, Carolinas Rehab felt like home on interview day. The well-rounded foundation and the incredible support from faculty and co-residents makes the program stand out. I was looking for the best program in the Southeast and believe I found it here in Charlotte.


 1 McClintock

Alicia McClintock, MD

Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Medical School: East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine
Professional Interests: Serving veterans or active duty service members likely through MSK or O&P. Military flight surgery.
Personal Interests: Weightlifting, road biking, hiking, hanging out with dogs, traveling, playing games and cheering on the Tennessee Vols.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
The quality of the program is excellent, the schedule and the program are well balanced, fun and different pre-interview night with the residents (catered bowling), fit in well with the residents, proximity to home and the mountains, military friendly and I love the south :)

 1 McKinney

Zachary McKinney, MD

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Medical School: University of Cincinnati
Professional Interests: Pain, sports and spine.
Personal Interests: Woodworking, hiking, camping, exercise, cooking, and reading.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
At Carolinas Rehab, I will have a diverse training experience with access to faculty with expertise in many fields. During my interview, the staff and faculty were very welcoming and the residents were very close-knit. Charlotte is also a great place for residents to live with its abundance of outdoor activities, food and drink options, and professional sporting teams.


Class of 2024

Mackenzie Gillund, DO

Hometown: Blue Grass, IA
Medical School:
AT Still University School of Osteopathic Medicine, MO
Professional Interests: TBI, pediatrics, adaptive sports 
Personal Interests: Hiking, ice cream, craft beer, golf, Iowa Hawkeyes, Chicago Cubs  

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation? 
I rotated here as a medical student and the culture and family-like feeling was undeniable. The residents and faculty all seem happy and close knit even outside of work. The hospital itself has a large variety of cases as well as heavy exposure to the classic cases. And of course, Charlotte as a city itself has its own list of huge perks!

 John 1  

Andrew John, MD

Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA
Medical School: 
Indiana University School of Medicine, IN
Professional Interests: Global health, medical education, integrative medicine, adaptive sports, regenerative medicine  
Personal Interests: Travelling (18 countries, 29 states so far), cultural studies, boba, kombucha, tea, Olympic weightlifting and hiking  

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation? 
The diverse clinical settings, plentiful resources, and impressive faculty were all huge draws, but CR particularly stood out with its collaborative and supportive environment, notably with faculty who care deeply about empowering me to develop into the best physiatrist I can become, rather than just another "cookie cutter" doctor. Moreover, I was especially drawn to the authentic camaraderie of the residents and the community-life feel of the department. Plus, I had also been told that, as someone who likes city life while also loving the outdoors, I would love Charlotte, and North Carolina in general. 


Morgan Moore, MD

Hometown: Savannah, GA
Medical School: 
 University of School of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
Professional Interests: Neurorehabilitation, cancer rehabilitation, integrative medicine, complementary and alternative medicine  
Personal Interests: Latin dancing, reading fiction, travelling, enjoying the outdoors, spending time with family  

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation? 
I rotated at Carolinas Rehabilitation as a medical student and I was impressed with how much each physiatrist I worked with cared about each and every patient. I was struck by the close-knit family feel of the department and how much everyone cared for each other. I also appreciated the endless opportunities available at CR and the program’s flexibility with helping each resident attain their individual goals, whether it be fellowship, general practice, or academic medicine. Also very important to me were the different ways our program serves the people of Charlotte. 


Robert Theiss, MD

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Medical School: 
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, PA
Professional Interests: Interventional Musculoskeletal Medicine, Global Health/Underserved Medicine, Healthcare Administration  
Personal Interests: Pittsburgh sports, fishing and outdoors activities, attending concerts and traveling with my girlfriend and familyng  

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation? 
I felt as though it was the perfect 'fit' (cliche, I know) given the welcoming nature and cohesiveness of residents in the program, strong MSK and ultrasound training, Quality Curriculum, opportunities for community involvement, and getting to experience it all at a distinguished academic center in an awesome city like Charlotte! 


Andrew Viscusi, MD

Hometown: Bensalem, PA
Medical School: 
Thomas Jefferson University School of Medicine, IN
Professional Interests:  Professional Interest: Neurorehabilitation, Spasticity Management, Musculoskeletal Disorders, Chronic Pain  
Personal Interests:  I enjoy spending time with my wife, Jenna, and hanging out with our dog Niko! I am interested in many different physical activities. I ran track in college but after graduation became interested in parkour and calisthenics. My other interests include outdoor activities like snowboarding and hiking.  

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation? 
CMC was my favorite program from interview day. I was thrilled to find out they selected me. There is a unique friendly and collegial atmosphere here. The residents are motivated and supportive of each other. Faculty are committed to getting residents to reach their full potential. The volume and complexity of clinical cases allows residents to enter well prepared into any area of PM&R. I went to UNC Charlotte for undergrad and could not be happier to be back in the area again. There are numerous breweries and restaurants to explore. Charlotte has many outdoor activities to offer as it has a white water center and is in close proximity to the mountains in Asheville. 

Class 2025


Christopher Cappello, MD

Hometown: Millersville, MD 
Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine 
Professional Interests: Neurorehabilitation, adaptive sports, academic medicine.
Personal Interests: basketball, tennis, hiking, breweries, watching sports, and some new hobbies from the pandemic - disc golf and chess.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
This is a well-rounded program that will prepare me for any career path I choose to pursue. There are great opportunities to get involved with adaptive sports. I sensed a strong, positive culture amongst faculty and residents during the interview process. And of course, Charlotte was a very appealing destination!

1 Godha 

Keshav Godha, MD

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Medical School:  Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine
Professional Interests:   Interventional spine, musculoskeletal medicine, regenerative medicine, integrative medicine, and orthotics and prosthetics.
Personal Interests:  Travelling and exploring other cultures (particularly through food!), cooking, yoga/meditation, weightlifting, basketball.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
I was initially drawn to the close-knit family environment at Carolinas Rehabilitation - from the residents to the staff, attendings, and administration - everyone strived to cultivate a warm, inclusive culture. On top of this, I felt that with other aspects of the program, such as the diverse faculty/patient population, innovative facilities (i.e., the newly developed rehabilitation building), and the flexibility of the program to help each resident attain their individual goals, I would be empowered to be the best physiatrist I could become. Also, in terms of the location, Charlotte balances the benefits of a city while being so close to nature!

 Edenfield 1

Jessica Edenfield Kurtz, MD

Hometown:   Greenville, SC
Medical School:  University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville
Professional Interests: Musculoskeletal medicine, Integrative medicine and Oncology Rehabilitation
Personal Interests: Weather permitting, I love working in the yard and planting seasonal gardens! I also enjoy painting, playing volleybal, and going to the park with dog Yogi

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
On paper I chose Carolinas Rehab because of the expansive patient population they serve and the ample opportunities to spend time in each of the subspecialties during training. However, it was a no brainer that Carolinas Rehab was the perfect fit for me after my interview day felt more like conversations with friends rather than faculty. It is very clear how supportive the faculty are and how much they encourage residents to pursue their passions whether that be personally or professionally. Also grew up not far from Charlotte and thought it would be a great place to start my next chapter!

 Petusevsky 1

Jason Petusevsky, DO

Hometown:   Coral Springs, FL
Medical School: Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Professional Interests: Interventional spine, neuro prosthetics, regenerative medicine, health and wellness, nutrition, exercise physiology
Personal Interests: Tennis, skiing, hiking, travelling, pickleball, exploring new restaurants, cooking, concerts, being outdoors.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
Carolinas Rehabilitation offers a strong and customizable curriculum, great opportunities for research and a diverse patient population that pulls from a wide catchment area. I love the resident and staff culture and I love Charlotte, it truly feels like a home away from home.


Pham 1


Cynthia Pham, MD

Hometown:   Manhattan Beach, CA
Medical School: Georgetown University School of Medicine
Professional Interests: Chronic pain management, Complementary/Integrative Medicine, Neuroplasticity, Sports Rehabilitation.
Personal Interests: food and wine, travel, cooking, surfing, snowboarding and my dog.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
Even though the pre-interview resident meeting was online, the moment we started chatting, I knew I had found my people. This program has a culture of equal parts support, belonging and success. I chose CR because I knew this was a place that would push me to my best personal and professional self. It was immediately evident that the care dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and fostering individual growth was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. 

Class of 2026

Natalie Brush, MD

Hometown: Mount Dora, FL
Medical School:
University of Central Florida School of Medicine 
Professional Interests: Inpatient rehabilitation, interventional pain, sports and MSK
Personal Interests: Lifting, cycling, rock climbing, travelling and trying new foods.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
I chose Carolinas Rehabilitation because I wanted to be somewhere that provides well rounded training, has a family like environment and is in a fun city. 


Natalie Cignetti, MD

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Medical School:
Wake Forest School of Medicine 
Professional Interests: MSK/Sports medicine, SCI, interventional pain, neuromuscular 
Personal Interests: Volleyball, pickleball, spikeball, arts/crafts, my dog ~Peanut, JMU football, Pittsburgh sports, buying things I don't need at Target and HomeGoods, exploring all the great restaurants, bars, and activities that Charlotte has to offer!

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
It was an easy decision! I was lucky enough to rotate at Carolins Rehab as a 4th year medical student, and I was immediately drawn to the people. The CR faculty and residents have built a supportive learning environment and genuinely warm and accepting culture. The curriculum is both well-rounded, but flexible, allowing residents to pursue their unique career interests. Other perks include our brand new (and beautiful) rehab hospital and living in Charlotte - which has so much to offer! 


Thomas Powell, DO

Hometown: Princeton, West Virginia
Medical School: 
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine  
Professional Interests: Interventional pain, sports medicine, graduate medical education, pediatric rehab
Personal Interests: Lifting, running, video games, traveling, cruises, West Virginia sports, skiing, spending times with my family and our cats.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
The interview with Carolinas rehab was the only program I truly felt at home. The residents and faculty provided a sense of camaraderie and wellness during my interview. I knew the importance of a positive working environment, as I was applying as a transitional year resident. The program is impressively progressive in terms of values, culture, and even facilities (who doesn’t want to work in a new and updated hospital?). CR also provides a robust education encompassing the entirety of PM&R to prepare me for bread-and-butter physiatry, or a possible fellowship. To top it all off, Charlotte is an incredibly diverse city with more activities, restaurants, breweries, parks, and sporting events than time in the day. I could not have been happier to match at CR!  


Emily Rothermel, MD

Hometown: Fleetwood, PA
Medical School: 
Temple University 
Professional Interests: Interventional spine, sports medicine, but keeping an open mind to new professional interests!  
Personal Interests:  Outside of work I enjoy tennis, hiking, board games (Trivial Pursuit, Risk) making charcuterie boards, international travel.

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
When I met my future co-residents and faculty at CR, I immediately felt like I was joining my new family. This is a program where I knew I could explore all of my professional interests to the fullest extent, with a curriculum that would give me a solid foundation in all aspects of rehabilitation medicine, and all while surrounded by supportive residents and mentors. What more could you ask for! 


Zachary Shumaker, MD

Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Medical School: 
Indiana University School of Medicine 
Professional Interests: Interventional Spine Procedures, Cancer Rehabilitation, Adaptive Sports 
Personal Interests: Biking, Board Games, Drone flying, Camping, Hiking, Reading/Audiobooks

Why Carolinas Rehabilitation?
Carolinas Rehab left a strong impression on me right from the beginning. The comprehensive training, ample procedural opportunities, and promising prospects for fellowship and job placement immediately drew me to the program. However, what truly solidified my decision was the camaraderie between the residents and faculty, and the unwavering support extended to resident physicians. Furthermore, the added bonus of North Carolina being my wife's dream state to live in and the accessibility of weekend trips to the beach or the Smoky Mountains from Charlotte only served to enhance my enthusiasm for the program. I am immensely grateful and excited to begin my residency training at Carolinas Medical Center





Name Graduated Medical School Current Location Fellowship/Practice
Wesley Hardgrove, MD 2022 University of South Carolina School of Medicine  Winston Salem, NC  Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Fellowship
Scott Harrison, MD 2022 Indiana University School of Medicine  Indianapolis, IN Rehabilitation Associates of Indiana
Ryan McCarter, MD 2022 University of Maryland School of Medicine  Winston Salem, NC  Wake Forest Medical Center Fellowship
Lauren Mogk, DO 2022 Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medici   Charlotte, NC OrthoCarolina Interventional Spine Fellowship
Kirstin Weider, DO 2022  Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine   Mount Pleasant, SC Signe Spine and Rehabilitation Fellowship
Eric Westerbeck, MD 2022 Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine  Charleston, SC MUSC Health Medical University of South Carolina
Edward Ference, MD 2021 University of Alabama School of Medicine Charlotte, NC OrthoCarolina Interventional Spine Fellowship
Megha Mandalaywala, DO 2021 Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine Baltimore, MD National Health Rehabilitation
Paul Weaver, DO 2021 Lincoln Memorial University - Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine Winston Salem, NC Wake Forest Interventional Spine and Musculoskeletal Fellowship
Dana Westerkam, MD 2021 University of South Carolina School of Medicine Raleigh/Durham, NC Carolina Rehabilitation and Surgical Associates
Kendall Held, MD 2020  Southern Illinois University School of Medicine Bloomington, IL Bromenn Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation
Christian Phillips, MD 2020 Rush Medical College of Chicago  Minneapolis, MC Hennepin Healthcare Specialty Clinic 
Nick Horan, MD 2020 University of Nebraska College of Medicine Charlotte, NC  Interventional Spine/Muscoloskeletal Medicine Fellowship with OrthoCarolina 
Jenny Smith, MD 2020 Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine Tulsa, OK Francis Health System
Trevor Tyner, DO 2020  Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Clearwater, FL  Interventional Spine/Musculoskeletal Medicine Fellowship with Florida Spine Institute 
Andrew Davisson, MD 2019  Indiana University New Castle, IN Henry Community Health
James Kult, MD 2019   Creighton University Omaha, NE  QLI Brain Injury Rehab
Ana Michunovich, DO  2019   Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine Jonesboro, AR New Baptist Memorial Hospital
Chandee Payne, DO 2019   Edward Via Virginia College of Osteopathic Charlotte, NC   Atrium Health Pineville Inpatient Rehab
Jordan Sestak, MD 2019   Southern Illinois University Springfield, IL Southern Illinois University SOM Neuroscience Institute
Zachary Bailowitz, MD   2018   University of Arizona     New York, NY   Weill-Cornell Sports Medicine, Fellowship
Lauren Chambers, DO 2018  West Virginia School of Osteopathic York, PA     OSS Health MSK Fellowship
Ignatios Papas, DO 2018 Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Bradenton, FL  New Regeneration OrthoPed
John Schmidt, MD 2018  University of Tennessee South Carolina  MUSC Spine Fellowship
Quoc (Jonathan) P. Tran, MD 2018  Southwestern Medical School Birmingham, AL Alabama Orthopedic Spine & Sports Fellowship
Benjamin Brusch, MD 2017 University of Wisconsin School of Medicine Charlotte NC Atrium Health Sports Medicine, Fellowship
John Cunneen, MD 2017 State University of New York-Update Medical University Kingsport, TN UCF SCI Fellowship
Justin Gilbert, MD 2017 Louisiana State University School of Medicine Winston-Salem, NC Wake Forest Spine Fellowship
Elise McClanahan, MD 2017 University of South Alabama College of Medicine Atlanta, GA Emory Pediatric Rehabilitation Fellowship
Jonathan Silverman, MD 2017 Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine New York, NY Weill Cornell Pain Fellowship
Matthew Adamkin, MD 2016 University of Louisville School for Medicine Louisville, KY Faculty Physiatrist- University of Louisville
Nathaniel Crider, MD 2016 University of Minnesota Saint Cloud, MN Rejuv Medica, Regenerative Medicine
Cara Grome, MD 2016 State University of NY - Upstate Medical University Charlotte, NC Subacute Rehab - National Health Rehabilitation
Andrew Parker, MD 2016 University of Alabama School of Medicine Nashville, TN Staff Physiatrist - National Health Rehabilitation
Julian Willoghby, MD 2016 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Charlotte, NC Shirley Ryan Ability Sports Fellowship – Carolinas Rehabilitation
Michael Worobel, DO 2016 Nova Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine Newark, DE Interventional Medicine Fellowship - Mid Atlantic Spine and Pain Physicians
Erik Diebolt, DO 2015 College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific Charlotte, NC OrthoCarolina Spine Fellowship
Ankit Gulati, MD 2015 University of South Alabama College of Medicine Mobile, AL Medical Director - Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
Alicia H. Lazeski, MD 2015 State University of NY Upstate Medical University Charlotte NC MSK - OrthoCarolina
Nicholas Wieczorek, MD 2015 University of Cincinnati College of Medicine Charlotte, NC Subacture - MedRehab Specialists
Justin Alexander, MD  2014 University of Alabama School of Medicine Charlotte, NC Physiatrist - Med Rehab Specialists
Corinne Locke, MD 2014 University of Virginia in Charlottesville Charlotte, NC Physiatrist - Royal Park Rehabilitation of Matthews
Terrence Pugh, MD 2014 University of Alabama School of Medicine Charlotte, NC Cancer Rehabilitation - Carolinas Rehabilitation
Charles Rhoads, MD 2014 Ohio State University Columbia SC Physiatrist - WJB Dorn Columbia VA
Katherine Crum, MD 2013 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Asheville, NC Physiatrist - Extended Care Physicians
Jeff Eliason, MD 2013 New York Medical School Atlanta, GA Staff Physiatrist - Atlanta VA Medical Center
Ben Lippincott, MD 2013 Indiana University Salisbury, NC Physiatrist - Hefner VA Medical Center
Ann W. Maxwell Miller, MD 2013 Virginia Commonwealth University Durham, VA Physiatrist - Durham VA Medical Center, Private Practice
Jamal Balouch, DO 2012 Touro University Charlotte, NC MSK/Pain Management Fellowship - OrthoCarolina
Jacqueline McGowan, MD 2012 Medical College of Wisconsin Columbus, OH Ohio State Sports Medicine Fellowship - Riverside Methodist Hospital
Paras Mehta, MD 2012 University of Michigan Charlotte, NC Integrative Medicine Fellowship - Carolinas Medical Center
Jessica Mowry, DO 2012 Virginia College of Osteo Medicine Columbia, SC Physiatrist - Dorn VA Medical Center
Chloe Bomberger, MD 2011 University of Pittsburgh Salisbury, NC Physiatrist - W.G. Hefner VA Medical Center
Christine Groves, MD 2011 Indiana University Indianapolis, IN Assistant Professor - Indiana University School of Medicine
Hyung Kim, MD 2011 Texas Tech University Bethesda, MD Walter Reed Pain Fellowship- National Naval Medical Center
Sheila Natarajan, MD 2011 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Indian Land, SC Co-Director - Integra Rehabilitation Physicians
Lisa Albanese, MD 2010 University of Wisconsin Bend, OR Wellness Medicine
Mandy Huggins, MD 2010 Indiana University Weston, FL Emory Sports Medicine Fellowship - Private Practice
Connie Edelen, MD 2010 University of South Florida Charlotte, NC Pain & Palliative Care
Susan Swint, MD 2009 University of Kentucky Lexington, KY General PM&R - The Lexington Clinic
Dave Scott, MD 2009 Eastern Virginia Greenville, SC University of South Carolina Sports Medicine Fellowship Greenville Hospital System
Katie Weatherhogg, MD 2009 University of Minnesota Springfield, MO MSK/Sports - Southwest Spine & Sports
Andrea Toomer, MD 2008 Louisiana State University at New Orleans Marrero, LA PM&R - Culicchia Neurological Clinic
Amanda Harrington, MD 2008 University of Miami Cleveland Heights, OH Case Western Reserve Spinal Cord Injury Fellowship. SCI Director, UPMC
Jesse Lieberman, MD 2008 Wake Forest University Charlotte, NC Spinal Cord Injury Fellowship - Carolinas Rehabilitation
Kimberly Encapera, MD 2008 University of Louisville Las Cruces, NM PM&R - Rehabilitation Hospital of South New Mexico
Zachary Hauser, MD 2007 UNC-Chapel Hill Havertown, PA Premier Orthpaedic and Sports Medicine
Heather Havlik, MD 2007 Medical College of Wisconsin Charlotte, NC Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Medicine Center Sports Medicine Fellowship - Atrium Health
Keneshia Kirksey 2007 So. Alabama College of Medicine Birmingham, AL Residency Program Director - University of Alabama at Birmingham
Catherine Foll, MD 2006 Loma Linda University Phoenix, AZ General PM&R
Sanjiv Lakhia, DO 2006 Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Cincinnati, OH General PM&R practice with focus on outpatient MSK Medicine
Erin Wolff, MD 2006 Wayne State University Morristown, NJ Atlantic Health System Sports Medicine Fellowship
Matthew B. Shall, MD 2005 Medical College of Ohio Charlotte, NC Associate Program Director, Medical Director, Carolinas Rehabilitation, Mount Holly
Andrew I. Sumich, MD 2004 Louisiana State University at New Orleans Charlotte, NC Interventional Spine and MSK Medicine - Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates
Paul L. Jett, MD 2004 University of Kentucky Morristown, TN Advanced Pain Specialists PM&R
Conner Nguyen, MD 2004 Tufts School of Medicine Germany MSK Interventional Fellowship. (Army) General Outpatient (OP)
Bobby Alexander, MD 2004 UNC Charlotte, NC Interventional Spine and MSK Medicine - OrthoCarolina
Tracey Cheatham, MD 2004 University of Kansas Kansas City General Inpatient (IP)/OP
Jeff Finn, MD 2003 Medical College of Ohio Pennsylvania OP general, PM&R
Philip Blount, MD 2003 University of Mississippi Jackson, MS IP/OP General (MSK Fellowship), Mayo Clinic
David Levi, MD 2002 Eastern Virginia Virginia Beach, VA Interventional Spine and MSK Medicine
Patricia Shannon, MD 2002 Wright State University Charlotte, NC General Rehabilitation - Carolinas Rehabilitation
Amy Robbins, MD 2001 University of Louisville Greenville, SC General PM&R, inpatient and outpatient practice
Darryl Robinson, MD 2001 Medical College of Virginia Oklahoma Interventional Spine and MSK Medicine
Vu Nguyen, MD 2001 Michigan State University Charlotte, NC Residency Program Director - Carolinas Rehabilitation
Sharon Kanelos, MD 2000 University of Cincinnati Charlotte, NC OP General, PM&R -  Integra Rehabilitation Physicians
Paul Desmarais, MD 2000 Wayne State University South Bend, IA Outpatient MSK and General PM&R practice
Richard Ramos, MD 2000 University of Cincinnati Greensboro, NC Interventional Spine and MSK Medicine
Amy Wagner 2000 Northwestern University Medical School Pittsburgh, PA  TBI Fellowship Director, UPMC. Translational Research Director, UPMC