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VICTORIA simulation equipment

VICTORIA is a tetherless maternal and neonatal simulator from Gaumard® Scientific. She can simulate low and high risk deliveries including normal, breech, C-section, shoulder dystocia, and assisted deliveries. VICTORIA’s abdomen realistically relaxes and firms with contractions which allow providers to palpate contractions during assessment. You can attach a real fetal monitor directly to the abdomen to track the fetal heart rate and contraction frequency, intensity, and duration.

VICTORIA has programmable bleeding for a postpartum hemorrhage that can be relieved through fundal massage or the insertion and inflation of a balloon tamponade device. She has a realistic placenta and umbilical cord for simulating various complications such as nuchal cord, cord prolapse, placenta previa, and retained fragments. VICTORIA delivers a tetherless, lifelike newborn that can present healthy or have signs of distress. Features include movement, cyanosis, heart and lung sounds, auscultation, and crying.