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What You Need to Know

Do health insurance plans from OptumHealth (Optum) cover Transplant Services at Atrium Health?

No. Optum abruptly decided to end its contract for Transplant Services at Atrium Health beginning June 1, 2017.

Transplant Services that are no longer covered by Optum include adult and pediatric kidney, liver, heart and pancreas transplants and adult and pediatric bone marrow transplants.

What is Optum insurance? How do I know if I have Optum?

Some patients have a separate part of their health insurance plan from Optum to cover Transplant Services. The Optum contract that ended on June 1, 2017, is only for Transplant Services (adult and pediatric organ and bone marrow transplants) at Atrium Health.

I have Optum insurance, how does this affect me?

We are disappointed that Optum is preventing us from providing transplant services to new patients with full insurance coverage, as of June 1, 2017.

You will need to select an Optum-approved transplant center for your transplant care. We can give you telephone numbers for other Optum-approved transplant centers. Please call our Transplant Center at 704-355-1773.

What can Optum members do?

If you are concerned that Optum is forcing you to travel long distances for transplant care to have full insurance coverage as of June 1, 2017, please contact Optum to share your concerns.

If your health insurance is through your or your spouse’s employer, please contact the employer’s Human Resources department to share your concerns.

What if I have an emergency? Can I visit the emergency room?

Anyone with a medical emergency should go to the closest hospital emergency room. Atrium Health's hospitals provide emergency services for all patients, regardless of their insurance policy or ability to pay.   

For more information, patients can call the
Atrium Health Transplant Center
any time at 704-355-1773