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For a business to be successful, its leadership team must perform at peak efficiency and be in the best of health. Maintaining optimal executive health is one of many reasons why employers invest in our Executive Health program.

Offering best-in-class care, our program is a smart investment for any company’s executives. Program participants will be afforded the utmost level of care and convenience, while providing other employees comfort and peace of mind knowing their leadership team is well taken care of. The Executive Health program is specially designed to take your executives – and organization – further.

Our program consists of 2 components: the Executive Physical and the Executive Concierge Program.

Executive Physical

Our robust Executive Physical is formulated to prevent potential illness, uncover existing health problems and provide vital health information to executives. While our Executive Concierge Program provides care throughout the year, the Executive Physical is a comprehensive health exam that occurs just once annually.

Each comprehensive health exam includes:

  • A detailed risk assessment
  • Medical history review
  • Extensive physical exam
  • Vision screening
  • Hearing evaluation
  • Nutrition and exercise consultation

Following each exam, our team will meet one-on-one with your executives to discuss results. From there, we will offer recommendations and help them develop a personalized health and wellness plan. In the event executives need referrals, our physicians will provide seamless communication and coordination with Atrium Health providers and partners.

Learn more about the Executive Physical provided by Executive Health and Wellness.

Executive Concierge Program

With our exclusive Executive Concierge Program, your business leaders will receive highly specialized care. This starts with a customized preventive health plan, designed by our healthcare experts in tandem with executives.

With a much lower number of patients per physician than standard primary care, some of the services of our world-class Executive Concierge Program are:

  • A personalized healthcare plan
  • 24/7 access to personal care providers via phone or email for questions and concerns
  • Priority same-day or next-day appointments
  • Personalized health and wellness goals
  • Flexible, unhurried visits
  • Labs and IVs at the office/home

This list is not all-inclusive. Learn about the Executive Concierge Program provided by Atrium Health Perspective Health and Wellness.

Other concierge services

In addition to our annual health exam and membership plan, we offer the following à la carte services on request:

  • Weight loss and lifestyle management
  • Massage
  • Stress reduction
  • Educational health information
  • Integrative medicine
  • Health information seminars

Learn more

Our seasoned healthcare experts will identify and mitigate existing or potential health risks/conditions and help your leaders maximize productivity. To learn more about our elite Executive Health program, give us a call at 704-468-3100.