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Community Resource Hub

The Community Resource Hub connects Atrium Health providers, social workers and the Charlotte area to organizations outside of doctors’ offices that offer free or reduced cost social services, including legal assistance, transportation, housing and food. The Community Resource Hub allows users to choose from thousands of available resources that anyone can access – from local to national programs.

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Financial Assistance

Find information to help pay your medical bills here.

Community Benefit Statistics

The total reported value of Atrium Health's community benefit during 2019 was $1.65 billion.

This chart reflects the major categories of community benefit recognized by the North Carolina Hospital Association, in addition to bad debts. Figures are based on actual costs, not charges. The $1.65 billion figure represents the collective value of benefits attributable to the Total Enterprise during 2019, including Carolinas Medical Center; 21 other owned acute care and specialty hospitals; and 14 other NC and GA medical centers and hospitals that were managed by or affiliated with Atrium Health.

Atrium Health 2019 Community Benefit Summary (in millions) System Enterprise

Costs of financial assistance to uninsured patients


Bad debt costs by patients who do not pay for services


Losses incurred by serving Medicare patients*


Losses incurred by serving Medicaid patients*


Costs of community-building activities and other services that meet a strong community need but do not pay for themselves and would normally be cut based on financial considerations alone


Costs of professional medical education, research, and cash and in-kind contributions to local nonprofits and charities


Total value of uncompensated care and other community benefits during 2019

$1.65 billion

Total value of uncompensated care and other community benefits as a percentage of operating expenses

21.3 percent

*Medicare and Medicaid programs do not reimburse hospitals in a manner that compensates for the actual cost of treating their beneficiaries. Hospitals cannot turn these patients away or negotiate higher reimbursements. Government payers recognize this fact and expect hospitals to make up the difference through efficiencies and from other revenue sources. The financing of this unpaid government debt is considered a community benefit.

**Data included in the table above is unaudited as it is inclusive of the Atrium Health Total Enterprise.

Employee Contributions to the Community

Atrium Health employees have a long tradition of generosity when it comes to both cash contributions and volunteer work. In 2019, employees collectively donated nearly $5.6 million to local and regional charities. Employees also dedicated over 45,000 volunteer service hours to support local community service projects.

International Medical Outreach

The International Medical Outreach (IMO) program – a collaboration between Atrium Health and the Heineman Foundation of Charlotte – has a 50-year history of delivering medical assistance globally and of establishing sustainable healthcare in medically underserved countries.

It helps create and improve programs geared toward public health and individual patient care throughout Central America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe by providing free educational opportunities to international medical personnel and free equipment to hospitals and clinics. IMO has improved the health of patients in more than 30 countries through its contributions to major projects.

Email us for more information or call 704-446-2488.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering at one of Atrium Health hospitals. Learn more about available opportunities by facility.

Sponsorship for Community Programs and Events

Atrium Health supports organizations working to impact the health of our community. Learn about our guidelines and request sponsorship support for your program or event.