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Visitor Guideline Update: Due to respiratory virus season, children 12 and under are not permitted to visit patients in multiple settings. Additionally, everyone is required to mask in patient rooms and other designated areas. Learn more.

Many people are excited about the COVID-19 vaccine, while others are not sure about it. To help, we’ve created the COVID-19 Vaccine Community Ambassadors Program. Through this program, community members will address the vaccine concerns of family and friends by:

  • Talking about vaccine myths versus truths
  • Sharing educational resources with their networks of family, friends and local organizations


At Atrium Health, we’re doing everything we can to end the pandemic. However, we can’t do this alone. As an ambassador you will play an important role in helping our community to:

  • Reunite families
  • Support schools in reopening and staying open
  • Get people back to work sooner
  • Build community trust in the COVID-19 vaccines

An ambassador’s role

We want to recruit, educate and empower people to show support to vaccine-hesitant members of the community. Since Black and Hispanic people are admitted to the hospital for COVID-19 four times more than other groups, this program will especially focus on minority communities.


As an ambassador, you’ll be expected to:
  • Be passionate about people getting a vaccine
  • Give helpful feedback on culturally sensitive messaging
  • Learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine via a virtual session and shared resources
  • Create a list of your network of friends, family and coworkers to share information about the vaccine and vaccine events
  • Track and report progress, feedback and metrics for the number of people reached
  • Dedicate 1 to 3 hours per week to serve as an ambassador

Community Resources

At Atrium Health, we’re dedicated to caring for our communities. Here are resources you can use: