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TraumaManThe TraumaMan® System manufactured by Simulab Corporation, is an anatomical human body form designed for students to practice several of the surgical procedures taught in surgical skills training.

The TraumaMan® System consists of simulated human tissue structure made of an elastomeric composition designed specifically for surgical dissection. 

The TraumaMan® System includes the following areas for practicing surgical skills: 

  • Abdomen: This area allows students to practice diagnostic peritoneal lavage (catheter or open). For practicing this procedure, the TraumaMan® System includes a simulated tissue structure made up of a skin layer, a subcutaneous fat layer, an anterior rectus sheath layer, a muscle layer, a  posterior rectus sheath layer, an extraperitoneal layer, and a peritoneum layer. Underlying the structure, the trainer includes simulated abdominal organs within an abdominal cavity.

  • Chest: Chest tube insertion and pericardiocentesis are procedures which can be performed on the trainer for this area. In addition to the simulated tissue structure on the exterior of the chest, the trainer includes additional tissue structure to mimic the intercostal muscle and the parietal pleura. To be more lifelike, the trainer also includes airflow inside the pleura for a realistic response during a procedure plus inflatable lungs to simulate breathing, and ribs. For pericardiocentesis, a sternum, ribs, a heart and additional pericardium tissue structure are included. The heart and pericardium can be filled with simulated body fluids to mimic the real life procedure.

  • Neck: Cricothyroidotomy is a procedure which can be performed on this part of the trainer. In addition to the simulated human tissue structure on the exterior of the neck, the trainer includes a simulated cricoid cartilage, thyroid cartilage, and cricothyroid ligament in this area. To be more lifelike, the trainer also includes airflow in the trachea for a realistic response during a practice procedure.