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Pursuing Your Passion

Match what you love doing with possible career options that might be a good fit for you!

What is Your Passion?Possible Career Opportunity
I love to babysit Genetic Counselor, Pediatric Registered Nurse, Child Life Specialist, Nurse Aid
I like working on the computer Medical Coding Specialist, Healthcare Information Technology, Health Care Technician
I chat with friends online and like using Social Media Transcriptionist, Insurance Verification, Medical Social Worker, Marketing Professional, Recruiter
I like talking on the phone Patient Registration, Recruiter, Poison Control Specialist, Outreach Specialist
My favorite subject is math Biostatistician, Health Physicist, Hospital Accountant, Statistician, Medical Audit Registered Nurse, Data Analyst
I enjoy science and love doing science projects Pathologist, Clinical Laboratory Technician, Phlebotomist, Medical Research Scientist, Medical Technologist, Physician Assistant, Epidemiologist
My parents say I talk all of the time Medical Secretary, Medical Interpreter/Translator, Occupational Therapy, Speech/Language Pathologist
My soccer coach tells me I am a good team player Physician Assistant, Occupational Safety and Health Specialist, Perfusionist, Surgical Technologist, Project Manager, Nurse Aid
I like helping my little brother learn to walk Chiropractor, Orthotist/Prosthetist, Physical Therapist Assistant, Orthopedic Surgeon
I'm always trying to figure out how things work Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Anesthetist, Biomedical Equipment Technician, Optical Laboratory, Mechanic, Clinical Laboratory Technician
I don't like seeing blood, but I do like to feel like I'm helping people who are hurt Health Information Technician, Hospital Chaplain, Pharmacy Technician, Nurse Program Coordinator
I like to take care of my pets Veterinarian, Veterinary Technician, Registered Nurse
I like to play detective Research Scientist, Epidemiologist, Environmental Health Specialist, Cardiovascular Technologist, Performance Improvement
I like to teach new things to other children in the neighborhood Health Sciences Librarian, Health Educator, In-Service Educator, Nurse Educator, Nurse Practitioner, Health Advocate/Coach
My parents say I can solve anyone's problems Psychologist, Counselor, Mental Health Aide, Social Worker
I enjoy taking food to the elderly who cannot get out to the grocery store Dietition, Nutritionist, Home Health Aide, Social Worker, Health Advocate/Coach
I love taking pictures and making scrap books Medical Photographer, Rediologist, Radiological Technologist
I'm really good at art Medical Illustrator, Art Therapist
My favorite subject is Biology Physician, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Pharmacist, Research Scientist, Phlebotomist
I enjoy journalism and am actively involved with the yearbook committee Medical, Science or Technical Writer, Speech/Language Pathologist, Marketing Professional
I really enjoy volunteering at the YMCA Activities Therapist, Child Life Therapist, Health Promotions
I like volunteering with the football team and helping the trainers with the players Podiatrist, Recreational Therapist, Certified Athletic Trainer, Volunteer Services
I really like helping out in the nursery at church/temple Certified Nurse Midwife, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
I love to watch medical drama television programs Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic, Operating Room Nurse, Urgent Care Nurse
I'm good at fixing things Bio-Medical Technician, Respiratory Therapist
I enjoy Physical Education/PE Physical Therapist, Rehabilitation Therapist, Rehabilitation Nurse, Health Coach, Athletic Trainer

Exploring a Career in Healthcare

A hospital is always open, so it needs many different kinds of professionals to keep it operating. Hospitals are not the only places you can work if you choose healthcare; people also work in doctor's office, laboratories, ambulance, nursing homes and many other facilities.

Here are some of the healthcare careers in North Carolina:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant/Nurse Aid
  • Clinical/Medical Assistant
  • Dietetics and Nutrition
  • Health Advocate/Health Coach
  • Health Information Technician
  • Health Information Technology/Analytics
  • Laboratory
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Physician Assistant
  • Therapy

Healthcare Educational Programs

Many things will help you make the decision in selecting your career, including the length of time and type of program to get the degree or certification you want. Take a look at the various education pather available for careers in healthcare:

CertificationAssociates DegreeBachelors DegreePost Bachelors Degree
Certified Nursing Assistant Cardiovascular Technician Athletic Trainer/Exercise Physiologist Audiologist
Clinical/Medical Assistant Clinical Laboratory Technician Baccalaureate Nurse Dentist
Dental Assistant Diagnostic Ultrasound Technologist Health Information Technology and Analytics Doctor/Physician
Health Care Tachnician Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Medical Technologist Genetic Counselor
Licensed Practical Nurse Health Advocate/Coach Medical Interpreter/Translator Nurse Practitioner
Paramedic Health Information Technician Recreational Therapist Occupational Therapist
Pharmacy Technician Neurodiagnostic Technologist Registered Dietitian Pharmacist
Phlebotomist Occupational Therapy Assistant Physical Therapist
Physical Therapy Assistant Radiologic Technologist Physician Assistant
Surgical Technologist Registered Nurse Psychologist
Rehabilitation Technician Research Scientist
Respiratory Therapist Speech-Language Pathologist