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Clinical Rotations Include:
• Oral Medicine / Hospital Dentistry (Carolinas Medical Center)
• Oral Medicine (Carolinas Center for Oral Health)
• Oral Medicine (Glasgow Dental Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland)
• Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery (CMC)
• Oral Pathology/Oral Radiology (UNC)
• Internal Medicine (CMC)
• Psychiatry (CMC)
• Hematology/Oncology (CMC)
• Physical Therapy (Carolinas Rehabilitation)
• Infectious Disease (CMC)
• Nephrology (CMC)
• Neurology (CMC)

Year 1
The first year of the oral medicine training program includes clinical dentistry in a hospital setting focused on the management of medically complex patients at Carolinas Medical Center, and patients with a wide variety of maxillofacial problems such as facial pain, oral lesions and salivary dysfunction at Carolinas Center for Oral Health. 

Also included in the first year are rotations in internal medicine, otolaryngology / head and neck surgery, and oral pathology at UNC (Table 1).

Clinical Rotation        Number of Weeks
 Oral medicine (Hospital Dentistry) - Carolinas Medical Center        12-16
 Oral medicine – Carolinas Center for Oral Health        23-27
 Internal Medicine – CMC        4
 Otolaryngology / Head and Neck Surgery        4
 Oral Pathology/Oral Radiology - UNC        3
 Clinical research        (24-month longitudinal)*
 Total Weeks        50

Year 2

The final year of oral medicine residency includes outpatient management of maxillofacial problems at Carolinas Medical Center for Oral Health, and Glasgow Dental Hospital in Scotland (Table 3). Rotations in several medical subspecialties in the last year allow for a deeper understanding of pathophysiology and the medical management of oral medical conditions. A three-week rotation to the United Kingdom provides experience with a clinical environment and faculty unavailable to trainees in the United States. The oral medicine department in Glasgow Dental Hospital in Scotland sees around 10,000 patients annually and is one of the largest Oral Medicine Units in Europe.

Clinical Rotation        Number of Weeks 
 Oral medicine - Carolinas Center for Oral Health                            33
 Other Off-Service Rotations         14
 Oral medicine - Glasgow, Scotland        3
 Clinical research        (24-month longitudinal)*
 Total Weeks         50


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