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Easy Access to Care with Comprehensive Firefighter Physical Services

Firefighting is a mentally and physically demanding job that requires responding to emergencies at a moment's notice; therefore, firefighters' health and mental readiness are key to public safety. Keeping firefighters fit, healthy and mentally sharp is our goal.

Customized Medical Exams

At Atrium Health, now part of Advocate Health, we provide easy access to care while reducing employee downtime. Our services offer customized medical exams based on the NFPA 1582 guidelines and current federal and state occupational safety and health respiratory protection regulation 29 CFR 1910.134. Our medical exams are tailored to meet the needs of firefighters to ensure they get the best care possible.

On-site or Near-site Exams

Our on-site or near-site exam options provide easy access to care for firefighters. We understand the importance of continuing to serve the community with minimal downtime. Our exam options provide quick and convenient access to ensure firefighters get the care they need and get back to work as quickly as possible.

Screenings and Education

We provide screenings and education for health conditions often seen with firefighters. Our screenings are designed to detect potential health issues before they become a problem.

This allows us to intervene before issues become a safety concern or job performance is affected. We also provide educational resources to address firefighters concerns about cancer, risk of cardiovascular disease, the importance of physical fitness, nutrition and cooking healthy meals, psychological stress resulting from exposure to trauma, sleep disruptions, injuries, and risk for infectious diseases.

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