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At Atrium Health employer services, our goal is to provide safe, value-based, high-quality care at a time and place that’s convenient for patients, while also meeting the employer’s needs. One way we do that is through our employee health centers, which provide superior employee healthcare while controlling overhead costs. And with a variety of advanced clinic models, we can help you find the solution that gives you the best return on investment for your business.

Depending on your goals, our health center services may include primary and acute care, occupational health, workers’ compensation, medicine dispensing and/or health coaching. Here are the types of employee health centers we offer.

On-site health centers

Located right in the workplace, our on-site health center model gives employees, spouses and dependents convenient access to the healthcare they need. Staffed by our expert health specialists, these health centers can lead to a reduction in medical care costs, use of the ER and time lost due to employees leaving work for off-site appointments. Three primary services are offered at many of our on-site health centers:

  • Primary care: Includes the prevention, evaluation, treatment and management of acute illnesses (like a cough, cold or the flu) and chronic conditions (like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease)
  • Occupational health: Includes annual, preventive and pre-employment services such as physical exams, drug screenings, job-specific physicals, spirometry and more
  • Workers’ compensation: Includes care of same-day injuries as well as follow-up care for a job-related injury
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Near-site health centers

Similar to on-site health centers, Near-site health centers give employees, spouses and dependents access to convenient healthcare. While this model provides the same level of patient care, it comes with reduced costs as the health center location and expenses are shared with other businesses.

At Atrium Health, we currently offer 6 Near-site health center locations:

  • Albemarle
  • Concord
  • Monroe
  • Pineville
  • Uptown Charlotte
  • University City

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