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Uncertainty in all 5 elements of well-being – career, social, financial, community and physical – have led to record levels of stress and worry that far surpass those recorded in past years. In a stunningly short period of time, daily stress has increased from 48% to 65%, and an estimated 1 in 4 U.S. adults will suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder such as anxiety or depression each year.

Behavioral health conditions not only affect employees’ personal lives, they also affect their professional lives. Complications from mental health disorders and untreated chronic diseases are the leading cause of missed work and decreased productivity. Most importantly for employers, as many as 71% of workers with mental illnesses have never sought help for their symptoms. To address this growing problem, the Atrium Health Healthy Mind program uses virtual technology to seamlessly connect employees in need of help to an expert cross-functional support team comprised of certified behavioral health coaches, licensed mental health professionals, psychiatrists and pharmacists.

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About the program

The 13-week program includes the following parts:

  • A brief mental health assessment
  • Real-time counseling and support
  • Treatment recommendations provided to participants and their Atrium Health providers
  • Weekly calls from the Atrium Health Behavioral Health team
  • Ongoing follow-up calls to help participants reach their treatment goals

Healthy Mind is available with one of the following employer services:

Depending on your service model, the behavioral health team will collaborate with your employees’ health coach and/or on-site clinic provider to create customized treatment plans.

This confidential program reduces barriers to care so that anyone who wants to participate is able to get the help they need.