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Q. Do I need to complete a BSN prior to application?
A. Yes, UNC Charlotte requires the completion of a degree prior to a candidate being considered for admission.

Q. What are the undergraduate science course requirements for admission to the program?
A. Undergraduate science courses which were required in the BSN program are the only courses required for admission to the Program. However, it is strongly recommended that a course in Chemistry and Physics be completed.

Q. Do I need ACLS, BCLS and PALS certification prior to application to the program?
A. No, certification is not required prior to application but a plan which includes intended date of certification is and must be completed prior to matriculation.

Q. If I do not meet admission criteria in all categories, will exemplary performance in other categories be considered as a replacement for unmet categories.
A. No, the applicant must meet criteria for admission in all categories.

Q. Are all undergraduate course grades used to calculate my overall GPA?
A. Yes.

Q. If I have a degree in a field other than nursing (BS, BA, MD, DDS, DO, DC, etc.) can this be substituted for the BSN requirement?
A. No, because the Program offers a DNP in Nursing, the BSN is foundational.

Q. Does the Program prioritize admission decisions based upon applicant’s state of residence and/or employer?
A. No, the Program bases admission decisions solely on the applicant’s admission criteria profile.

Q. Can I take course/s prior to enrollment in the nurse anesthesia program?
A. Yes. The UNCC graduate school allows you to transfer in a maximum of 6 credit hours, including those taken at UNCC outside of enrollment in the major.

If you are planning on seeking financial aid and or scholarships, you must remain enrolled on a full-time basis in each semester in order to maximize the monies available. For the fall and spring semesters this is defined as at least 9 credit hours. Courses that could be taken prior to matriculation in the major are listed in yellow above.

If you want to take a course at another University, it must be equivalent to the course in which you propose to replace. The UNC Charlotte School of Nursing Director of Graduate Studies would need to review the proposed course in order to make that determination

By taking courses outside of the nurse anesthesia standard curriculum plan it is likely that you will end up paying more for your education. UNCC bundles and places a cap on the cost of credits. The Academic Year 19-20 2019 tuition and fees can be found here. For most of the semesters in which the courses are offered you would have exceeded the maximum number of credits. Therefore, taking these courses outside of the full-time curriculum would result in an increased cost.

The number of credits for each semester is listed below:

Semester Number of Credits
1 9
2 13
3 16
4 7
5 12
6 9
7 5
8 9
9 9
Total Credits 89