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On-the-job injuries can be frustrating and scary. You might be wondering when you can get back to work and how to stay safe when you do. Atrium Health Carolinas Rehabilitation is here to help you recover and avoid future injuries. We also work with local employers to reduce work-related injuries and promote a safe working environment.

Patient Care – What to Expect

Our team uses advanced evaluations, screenings and treatments to help you recover from work-related injuries. We offer:

  • Care tailored to you: We’ll do a full evaluation of your injury. Then we’ll create a custom care plan for your exact needs.
  • Leading therapists: Our physical and occupational therapists have advanced training and extensive experience helping people overcome workplace injuries.
  • Long-term support: We’ll help you recover from your injury, providing education and strength and mobility training to help you to get back to work.

Industrial Rehabilitation & Workers’ Compensation: What We Treat

Our team can help you overcome your injury and get back to work. The most common injuries we see include:

Industrial Rehabilitation & Workers’ Compensation: Treatments and Evaluations

We want to get you back to work as quickly and as safely as possible. No matter what your injury is, we can evaluate your condition and offer a variety of treatment options. We offer:

  • Flexibility, lifting and endurance screening: This short, cost-effective screen measures whether you have the strength and flexibility required to do certain tasks. This helps us decide what kind of work you can safely do.
  • Functional capacity evaluations (FCE): These evaluations provide information that allows your workplace manager to determine whether you can return to work. Our physical and occupational therapists are certified in the ErgoScience Physical Performance Evaluation, which evaluates your strength and if your body is strong enough to do certain job tasks.
  • Occupational therapy: This type of therapy helps you get back to your daily activities after an injury.
  • Physical therapy: Physical therapy helps you become stronger and more mobile, so you can be more active and feel less pain.
  • Speech therapy: This therapy helps patients who need help with speech or communication-related issues after an injury.
  • Work conditioning: This program focuses on restoring your strength, flexibility and endurance to safely perform job duties. We emphasize safety, education and accountability to limit the risk of future injury.

Industrial Rehabilitation & Workers’ Compensation: For Employers

We have a number of strategies to help local businesses keep their employees safe and prevent workplace injuries. These include:

  • Injury prevention education at work: Our workers’ compensation specialists can develop and lead educational training programs to help prevent workplace injuries. We can implement the programs within the workplace or off-site.
  • Job site analysis: Our specialists analyze the safety of workstations and job tasks. If there’s room for improvement, we recommend ways to adapt them to reduce and prevent work-related injuries.
  • Physical ability testing/pre-employment testing: We can help employers do specialized testing to ensure potential new employees have the physical strength and ability they need to do a certain job.