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Trauma or disease to the spinal cord can result in paralysis (loss of strength), loss of sensation and loss of control over body functions. Carolinas Rehabilitation has one of the most renowned spinal cord injury programs in the Southeast. No other regional facility offers more advanced spinal cord injury services, a more accomplished staff, or a stronger commitment to helping patients move beyond disability than Carolinas Rehabilitation.

We also treat other neurological conditions and have one of the area's only post-polio programs, allowing us to treat and offer therapy to the nearly two million polio survivors in the United States.

Our specialty services for spinal cord injury include:

  • Lokomat® and ReWalk™
  • 10-day spinal cord injury education series
  • Certified wound care specialists on staff
  • Assisted reproductive and sexual dysfunction therapy
  • Wheelchair seating clinic with pressure mapping technology
  • Ability to manage ventilator-dependent patients
  • Transitional living apartment for overnight family training
  • Therapy pool with hydraulic lift
  • Neuro-urology department
  • Access to cutting edge research programs and trials
  • Recreational therapy
  • Community outings
  • The LIFE Program - outpatient day program
  • Adaptive childcare training for prenatal through postnatal patients
  • Early access to therapeutic recreation and the Adaptive Sports & Adventures Program (ASAP)
  • Psychological counseling and clinical social work 

Spine Therapy Services at Carolinas Rehabilitation

Our outpatient spine therapy services are available for patients who have back and neck-related injuries or disabilities. The goals of treatment include:

  • Restore functional mobility
  • Address strength deficits
  • Normalize joint mobility and muscle flexibility
  • Improve spinal postures

By performing a detailed orthopedic examination, physical therapists seek to identify the specific conditions that result in pain and loss of function in a patient's back or neck. Through understanding the broad spectrum of problems that affect movement and function with the body, physical therapists evaluate a patient's needs and develop a treatment plan to address the neck and back problems for maximum recovery.

The LIFE Program at Carolinas Rehabilitation 

The LIFE (Living Fit and Engaged) Program at Carolinas Rehabilitation is an innovative outpatient day program for patients with spinal cord injury. It was created to assist patients with spinal cord injury to address common issues and problems associated with their injury and includes an emphasis on wellness, health literacy and employment or vocational training. 

The LIFE Program is a 12-week program that meets three days a week. It is divided into two sections, the Health and Wellness Track and the Return to a Productive and Engaged Life Track. 

Criteria for Participation in the LIFE Program 

Interested candidates will need to fill out an application for review. Participants must: 

  • Be at least 18 years of age 
  • Be medically stable and not require an inpatient level of care 
  • Have a spinal cord injury and be at least one month post discharge from inpatient rehabilitation 
  • Benefit from both tracks of the LIFE Program 
  • Be physically, cognitively and behaviorally able to tolerate 3-6 hours of activity 3-5 days a week 
  • Have a caregiver attend all sessions if constant supervision or assistance is required Have the potential to meet program goals including either participating in post-secondary education, employment or being a volunteer 
  • Not have an active substance use disorder. 

To learn more about the LIFE Program, call 704-355-3558.

Emergency Preparedness Tips for Patients with Spinal Cord Injuries

Many national agencies, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), stress the importance of emergency preparedness in case of a natural or manmade disaster. Being prepared is especially important for patients with a spinal cord injury. Use this guide to help you prepare for an emergency.      

For Inpatient Therapy, call 877-734-2251