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After injuries like sprains and broken bones, many patients can’t wait to get back to their favorite activities. Atrium Health Carolinas Rehabilitation is here to help you do that. Our musculoskeletal rehabilitation team has the knowledge and experience to support you through your recovery.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation is a broad field, covering all the muscles, bones and joints that make your body move. Our team offers a wide range of expertise and treatments, including emerging therapies and clinical trials, to help you regain strength, mobility and confidence in your movement.

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Patient Care – What to Expect

Our commitment to your recovery and experience shines through in many ways, including:

  • Breakthrough treatments: We constantly improve our care and outcomes by researching new therapies, such as stem-cell injections that help your body heal itself from tendonitis and other issues.
  • Attention and engagement: We want to make the most of your time in the clinic. Our physical therapists treat one person at a time, rather than going between different rooms and patients. We focus your appointment on activities that depend on your therapist's help and input, and give you simple exercises to build on your progress at home.
  • Collaboration: Physical therapists, doctors and other specialists work together to make sure your treatment evolves according to your individual needs and progress.

What We Treat

We help people recover from sprains, strains, breaks and surgeries that affect any part of the body that helps you move. This includes:

  • Ankles
  • Elbows
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Spine
  • Wrists

Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Treatments

We start by educating you about your body and conditions to help you understand the best options for recovery. This helps you commit to your treatment plan and form habits that help you heal and prevent future problems. From there, we base your treatment on your individual condition and symptoms.

Treatments with your musculoskeletal rehabilitation team include:

  • Exercises using weights, elastic bands, machines and other methods to improve strength, balance, movement capacity and muscle control
  • Manual therapy, when a therapist uses their hands to mobilize your body’s tissues in precise ways to reduce pain and help you to move more freely
  • Dry needling, where a specially trained therapist inserts thin needles into tense muscles to help them relax and move freely with less pain
  • Injections, given by our medical doctors, to reduce pain so you can do the exercises that help you heal and get stronger

Your Care Team

Our providers are highly specialized and take pride in the role they play in your healing. Your care team includes:

  • Doctors who focus on rehabilitation, and who oversee your care and recommend treatments
  • Physical therapists with specialized training such as spine care, rehabilitation for athletes and vestibular rehabilitation (inner-ear issues that affect balance)
  • Occupational therapists who help you face challenges with day-to-day tasks like opening jars and cupboards, using pens and phones, and more