Urgent Care Medicine, though a relatively young medical specialty, has clearly come to distinguish itself as an exciting and much needed service, coveted not just by consumers, but also by a growing number of both students and existing providers, seeking newer health care professional choices.

The Advanced Clinical Practitioner Urgent Care Medicine Fellowship is a 12-month fellowship program based within the Atrium Health where currently there exist 22 urgent care offices, 2 of which are Children’s Urgent Cares. The urgent cares span across the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area and a portion of South Carolina as well. ACP’s are an integral part of the urgent care provider work force here at Atrium Health, where the need for the ACP is continuing to grow.  The intent of the fellowship is to meet this ever growing need and to ensure the competency necessary for the ACP’s role as urgent care practitioner.

The Advanced Clinical Practitioner Urgent Care Medicine Fellowship program is a constructive venue designed for the ACP fellow seeking to develop and earn the competency requisite to becoming practice-ready day #1 for the provision of urgent care services in a variety of settings within the community. The fellowship includes at least 36 hours per week of experiential sessions in the urgent care medical office.

Additionally it includes relevant allied specialty sessions in at least 15 medical specialties; i.e. emergency medicine, pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric urgent care, occupational medicine, radiology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, ENT, general surgery, urology, gynecology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, mental health and substance abuse, pain management, etc.  Additionally didactic sessions are included to complete the breadth of requisite knowledge within the field.  Each of the above sessions serves an essential role towards the achievement of the practice-ready objective.


  1. One to one-and-a-half days per week will be spent in a didactic session and/or a medical specialty session (i.e. pediatric emergency medicine, orthopedics, mental health, gynecology, etc.).
  2. Three days (or 36+ hours) per week will be spent in the urgent care medical office.