David Carl, Atrium Health Executive Dir. Pastoral Care
David Carl,
Executive Director, Pastoral Care and Education, CPE Faculty

The policy of the Pastoral Care Department to meet the spiritual, cultural and emotional needs of patients and family members. Spiritual needs are assessed by members of the Pastoral Care Department, consisting of Staff Chaplains and Pastoral Care Associates studying within the Pastoral Care Department. We do not take the place of the patient's clergy. Hence we welcome you here to visit your congregants. At the same time we ask that you please not visit other patients and family who would be vulnerable to proselytization.

The Chaplain's office is here to help with any needs you might have while visiting patients and families. We highly encourage local clergy to visit members of their congregation. You can call the Chaplain's office to request patient room information at 704-355-2218. Also, we are able to notify you about any recent newly admitted members by their requests and with their permission.

  • Orientation: Before visiting any patients we ask that you stop by the Chaplain's office to register for a clergy badge and receive a brief orientation.
  • Clergy Badge: Upon completing your registration paperwork you will be escorted to the ID Badge office to receive your clergy badge. Be sure to make your badge visible while on Carolinas Healthcare System property.
  • Parking: Clergy parking is located at Lot B, outside the main entrance to the hospital. Your ID Badge will give you access to the lot.
  • Clergy Reception Room: The Clergy Reception Room is to be used only by clergy and religious leaders. Patients and/or family members are not permitted. You will be given the code to the door. (If you forget the code, please come to the Chaplain's office and we can give it to you again.) Feel free to grab a drink, a snack, use the phone and computer. We do offer Wi-Fi access at the Hospital. Please check the bulletin board for upcoming events and/or information.
  • As you visit your congregants and their families, you may also want to access daily spiritual devotions which are offered every day for 13 hours through the hospital in-room television on Channel 19.


Pastoral Care staff at CMC
Members of the Pastoral Care staff

Chapel Services are held at 11:30 a.m., Monday through Friday, and at 10 a.m. on Sunday. All services are generally 30 minutes. We also have special services on holidays. The Chapel is open 24 hours a day for private prayer and meditation.

Chaplain Grand Rounds
We welcome you to attend any of our Monthly Grand Round sessions. It is the 3rd Thursday of each month from September through May. View recent Grand Rounds 

To report any Security related incidents, contact the Security Operation Center, 24 hours a day at 704-355-3333. While on the floor if you need assistance please see a staff member