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What is Press Ganey?

Press Ganey is a third party vendor that we partner with for patient satisfaction surveys. This means there is no chance for bias in the survey questions or reported results. Press Ganey partners with more than 65% of all U.S. hospitals to help improve clinical and business outcomes.

Learn more about Press Ganey.

Who receives the survey? 
Patients who are seen at Atrium Health doctors’ offices are randomly selected to receive a survey. Surveys are sent through the mail or emailed shortly after appointments. 

Are all comments posted? 
We collect comments from the Care Provider section of the Press Ganey Survey and post them monthly.

Both positive and negative comments are posted. Comments are excluded if they meet criteria below:  

  • Information that violates patient confidentiality or privacy 
  • Comments about other providers, departments or instances of care (Emergency Department, Financial Services, Pharmacy, etc.) 
  • Offensive, abusive or malicious language 

Why don’t we see patient ratings and comments for every doctor? 
Currently, we are publishing ratings and comments for doctors who see patients in an Atrium Health doctor’s office, have at least 30 returned surveys and are employed by Atrium Health. 

What survey questions are used for the ratings?

Why is posting Press Ganey ratings and comments so important?
Today’s society increasingly demands transparency and access to information which allows for informed decision making. We believe that by giving current and prospective patients and their families access to doctor ratings and comments, they gain additional insight into what other patient interactions have been like, and they can make more informed decisions when choosing a health care provider.

Internally, we use the data and comments on Press Ganey surveys to identify issues that are important to our patients and families. We use patient satisfaction data to ensure that we are providing the best possible health care experience for our patients and families.

How will patient privacy be protected in these comments?
Any comment that risks patient privacy (e.g. names, unique diagnoses, unique procedures or complications) will not be posted.