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There may be times when you would like to be contacted about your health care at a different location or by a different method than you normally receive information. For example, you may want us to contact you at work rather than at home or you may want to receive an appointment reminder by mail rather than by telephone call. This is known as a request for confidential communications.

We want to help you understand your right to request confidential communications, as well as what to expect from Atrium Health.

What to Expect:

  • You can ask to be contacted at an alternative location or by an alternative method by completing a Request for Confidential Communications form and sending it to Corporate HIM, Attention: Administration at Atrium Health, PO Box 32861, Charlotte, NC 28232-2861: English | en Español
  • In most cases, Atrium Health will agree to follow any reasonable requests if you give us the information needed, including how payment will be handled. You do not need to tell us why you are asking us to contact you at a different location or method.
  • You will need to give us the address of the alternative location where you are asking us to send your health information. 

If you are asking us to contact you by a different/alternative method, you must give us the appropriate contact information. For example, if you ask us to call you on your mobile phone rather than your home phone, you must give us your mobile phone number. We will rely on the information you provide, so please be accurate and update us with any changes.