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Taking the step to ask for help for yourself or a loved one is brave. And it can seem overwhelming. Mental health is an important part of your overall wellness and there is no shame in treatment. You are not alone.

We can help you 24/7

Inpatient care

If you or a loved one is having a crisis related to mental illness or substance abuse, you may need to be admitted to a hospital for round-the-clock care. If the situation requires emergency care, dial 911 now.

Referrals and admission

Referrals may be made by self, family members, physicians, friends, employee assistance programs, employers, mental health professionals, managed care organizations, clergy, legal agencies and any other caring individuals or agencies. Do not be afraid to ask for help for yourself or on behalf of someone you love.

Behavioral healthcare outside the hospital

Outpatient behavioral healthcare is care that does not require an overnight stay in the hospital or clinic. At Atrium Health behavioral health outpatient locations throughout the Charlotte, NC region, we use treatment groups, health assessments and talk therapy to help you on your journey to living a healthier, happier lifestyle. Regardless of issues you may be dealing with, our skilled team of caring experts offer compassion, deep experience and support from an entire health system dedicated to championing mental health and wellness in our communities and beyond.

Outpatient care

Chances are good that you are familiar with the idea of therapy for mental health. Generally, outpatient behavioral healthcare includes this traditional form of therapy and can be a very effective way to manage daily stressors or issues that are weighing on you. Such issues may include depression, anxiety, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder or relationship problems.

Outpatient services include various programs and offerings:
  1. Individual counseling
  2. Marital or couples counseling
  3. Family therapy
  4. Support groups
  5. Maternal wellness program
  6. Medical consultations
  7. Addiction or substance abuse services
  8. Forensic psychological evaluations
  9. Psychiatry
  10. Medication management

Partial hospitalization

One specific type of outpatient care is called partial hospitalization. This is a particularly effective form of treatment because it offers participants an opportunity to have immersive treatment without spending the night in the hospital.

Frequently asked questions

Partial hospitalization offers therapy and programming to help with:

  • Coping skills
  • Anger management
  • Grief and loss

Partial hospitalization for behavioral health can be a "bridge" between an inpatient hospital stay and more traditional outpatient care and therapy. If you or a loved one needs care for mental illness that may be more intensive than intermittent therapy but less intensive than the 24-hour care you would get staying in the hospital, partial hospitalization may be the right choice.

A typical day of treatment in partial hospitalization with Atrium Health behavioral health consists of individual and group therapy, psychoeducation, skill-building practice and periodic evaluations. A licensed mental health professional works with you in these treatments. If medication is needed, you will meet with a staff psychiatrist for medication management.

Partial hospitalization treatment is tailored to you or your loved one, and may include:

  • Personalized planning to achieve goals
  • Group therapy daily and individual therapy as needed
  • Coping skills development
  • Psychoeducational classes
  • Behavior management
  • Medication management
  • Family education and support

Our team of behavioral health practitioners is made up of professionals in the field of mental health. During your treatment, you may see any of the following types of experts at different times during treatment. These experts include:

  • Psychiatrist – a board-certified doctor who specializes in psychiatry, which is medicine devoted to the diagnosis, prevention, study and treatment of mental disorders.
  • Therapist – a licensed mental health professional who specializes in helping clients develop better cognitive and emotional skills, reduce symptoms of mental illness, and cope with various life challenges to improve their lives.
  • Licensed clinical social worker – a professional who works in a wide variety of settings to provide emotional support, mental health evaluations, therapy and case management services to people experiencing psychological, emotional medical, social or familial challenges.
  • Recreational therapist – a professional who uses a wide range of activity and community-based interventions and techniques to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and leisure needs of their clients.
  • Psychiatric registered nurse (RN) – a psychiatric mental health registered nurse works with individuals, families, groups and communities to assess and serve mental health needs.
  • Advanced practice provider (APP) – an APP is a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist, certified registered nurse anesthetist or other licensed, nonphysician provider.

Atrium Health Maternal Wellness Program

Only half of women who suffer from postpartum depression (PPD) get help. Our Maternal Wellness Program gives PPD patients access to the care they need, in a timely manner, from experts with specialized training in prenatal (before birth) and perinatal (after birth) mood disorders and anxiety.

We offer outpatient services, such as therapy and a weekly psychoeducational therapeutic group, as well as inpatient services for women in need of intensive care for PPD.

To enroll in our Maternal Wellness Program, call our clinic at 704-801-9200.

Watch to learn more about our Maternal Wellness Program and hear from one of our patients.

Forensic psychology evaluations for legal professionals

Atrium Health provides legal professionals and their clients with forensic psychological evaluations and consultations, including the following:

  • Criminal responsibility (sanity evaluations)
  • Diminished capacity
  • Capacity to proceed/competency to stand trial
  • Competency to waive Miranda Rights
  • Sex offender evaluations
  • Violence risk assessment
  • Fitness for duty
  • Sentence mitigation
  • IQ/adaptive functioning evaluations for legal purposes
  • Court-involved evaluations of mental health needs, treatment recommendations and amenability to treatment

For more information regarding our forensic services, please call 704-358-2808.

Behavioral health medication management

Medications are often used in the treatment of behavioral health issues and mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders. Even though medications do not cure mental illness, they can improve symptoms and help promote recovery. When combined with other treatments such as psychotherapy or counseling, you can often find yourself living a happier, more balanced life.

Atrium Health offers outpatient medication clinics throughout the Charlotte, NC, region. Experienced medical professionals work with you or your loved ones to educate you on the proper use of your medicines.

To schedule an appointment or make a referral please call 704-444-2400 or 800-418-2065.

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