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This Sports Medicine Fellowship is an ACGME-accredited program that participates in the NRMP match process. Applications are accepted August through October 31, each year. Interviews are arranged September through early December. We are participating in the ERAS Application System for all applications. We are currently accepting applications from family medicine and med peds. Physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians who demonstrate extensive outpatient medical experience will also be considered. We look critically at past experience in sports medicine and at letters of recommendation. Any other supplemental information can be sent to our program coordinator, Beth Long.

Mission Statement

The Cabarrus Sports Medicine Fellowship is committed to providing quality, compassionate and cost-effective patient care for our patients and community, training quality sports medicine physicians to serve as leaders in their community in the areas of health and safety of athletics and to providing optimal non-operational musculoskeletal care.

Program Aims

  • Aim 1: The Cabarrus Sports Medicine Fellowship prepares sports medicine physicians to be able to independently provide cost-effective, evidence-based non-operative musculoskeletal and sports medicine care for all patients.
  • Aim 2: We will provide training opportunities for physicians to develop skills that allow them to serve as leaders in their community in the areas of health and safety of athletics and athletic activity.
  • Aim 3: We will provide an educational environment and opportunities to assure that the fellow can enrich their knowledge in anatomy and develop essential ultrasound skills and interventional procedures that will allow them to provide cutting-edge treatments to their patients.
  • Aim 4: We will develop opportunities for our program and our fellows to add to the advancement of musculoskeletal knowledge through direct education and research.