Nutrition and Fitness Lindsay Guinaugh | 7 years ago

6 Ways to Outsmart Food Pushers

Food pushers. Have you heard the term? When you’re trying to lose weight, food pushers are troublemakers – bullies with food. They will try everything to get you to eat something you know you shouldn’t. 

They will put you on a guilt trip: “But I made your favorite dish; at least try it.” They will insult you: “You need some meat on your bones.” They will flatter you: “Oh, you've done so well; one bite won’t hurt.” In order to stick to your weight-loss plan, don’t give in to temptation. Food pushers can be defeated. You just have to know how. Here are several responses you can try the next time you’re pushed! 1. Honesty is the best policy. “I would love to have some, but I’m trying to eat healthier and that means no super-cheesy mac and cheese.” 2. More honesty. “If I take a bite now, I won’t stop eating and no one else will have a chance to try your wonderful dish. It must be shared!” 3. Simple and direct. “No thank you. I really can’t eat that.” 4. If honesty doesn't work, lying is the best policy. “I would love to have some, but I’ve developed an allergy to [insert ingredient].” 5. Telling a little white lie isn't bad. “I’ve already had some and it was wonderful. I must have the recipe.” 6. Okay, lying isn't the best policy; but you can stall without perjuring yourself. “It looks delicious. I may have some later.” As with most things, humor can smooth over an awkward situation. Make sure any response you give is accompanied by a warm smile. Stay firm. Eventually the food pusher will give up, and you’ll feel better knowing you stuck to your plan. For more information on weight loss, visit