Your Health Lindsay Guinaugh | 8 years ago

Are You Really Hungry? Six Questions to Ask Before You Eat

Once you’ve experienced significant weight loss, keeping the pounds off can be challenging. We all need to understand the difference between “head hunger” and physical hunger.

Six Questions to Ask Before You Eat or Snack:

  1. Am I feeling weak, shaky or fatigued? This is usually a clear sign that your body needs some fuel.
  2. Can I wait 15 minutes before eating? If you aren’t sure if you’re really hungry, just wait a little while. Find something else to distract you and then check in with yourself a little later.
  3. Am I hungry or just bored? At times, for lack of anything better to do, some people snack. When you find yourself wandering for food, try to do something that’s not food-related to hold your attention.
  4. Am I hungry or just thirsty? Thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Drink a glass of water then wait a few minutes and see if the desire to eat subsides.
  5. Am I hungry or just tired? Being tired can create a sensation in or around your midsection, which can be mistaken for hunger. If it’s late, go to bed.
  6. Am I hungry or just craving food? A craving means you want a particular taste. Ask yourself what you’re hungry for. True hunger can be satisfied with any food. If only a particular food will do, you’re not really hungry.

Remember, hunger cycles peak approximately every 90 minutes. Try to pass through the next cycle and eat every three or four hours. A growling, grumbling stomach is usually the strongest cue that you’re really hungry. Tune into your stomach area and pay attention to any sensations there, like emptiness, mild nausea or rumbling. If you have eaten recently, be sure it’s not just your stomach digesting food.

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