Nutrition and Fitness, Your Health Lindsay Guinaugh | 7 years ago

4 Easy Ways to Fit in Fitness

The nice thing about the truth is that it’s true whether you believe it or not. The never-changing truth about getting – and staying – in shape? It all comes down to two things: eating right and exercising.

Finding the time to exercise is a challenge. Working out often slips off the list of priorities. “Too many people think exercise has to be a structured thing,” said Elaine Campbell, DO, of Mecklenburg Medical Group-NorthCross, part of Carolinas HealthCare System. “Try to work small bursts of activity into your day in ways that are easy and time-efficient for YOU. Moving just a little more each day gives you energy, which leads to results, which leads to wanting to do more. Before you know it, you’ve got a regimen.” Nudge fitness back onto the list by putting a slight twist on things you are already doing.
  1. Skip the elevator – Taking the stairs is a simple way to ensure you get your blood pumping before the day starts. You’ll be pleasantly surprised what that can do for your mood … and your muscles.

  2. Walk past the vending machine – It’s easy to feel sluggish by mid-afternoon. Take a break, but instead of walking to the vending machine, walk past it and head outside. Take a couple of laps around the building. The fresh air will provide more of a lift than sugar and caffeine.

  3. Short and sweet – A quick trip to the gym is better than no trip at all. Interval training — bursts of intensity followed by a brief recovery period —burns more calories because the body has less time to recover between activities.

  4. Go social – Instead of meeting friends for a meal or a cocktail, try walking, hiking, biking or taking a salsa class together.

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