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For Willie, Hip Replacement Surgery Was a Slam Dunk

Basketball is Willie Robinson's game. He played in high school and college and was an official for more than 26 years. But as many athletes have come to learn as they grow older, injuries can be a real risk.

For Robinson, the first pain started in his right hip and he had total hip replacement in 2012. He was back on the basketball court in eight short months. But for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction; and two years later, Robinson started having pain again. This time in his left hip. Although Robinson’s right hip was now pain-free, he had been using his left hip to compensate for his right side during the healing process, causing arthritis in his left hip. “I was extremely impressed with Carolinas HealthCare System and how thorough my physician was,” said Robinson of his first surgery at Carolinas HealthCare System Pineville. “I truly had a great experience and I remember thinking that if I ever had to have surgery again, which I hoped I wouldn’t, I would only go to Carolinas HealthCare System.” “When a patient’s life begins to become disrupted by continuous hip pain or discomfort and it hasn’t responded to other treatments, such as physical therapy or medication, a total hip replacement may be recommended,” said Robert P. Nantais, MD, the orthopedic surgeon who performed both of Robinson’s hip replacements. “A total hip replacement removes damaged bone and tissue and replaces the hip-joint with an implant, allowing patients to function normally again.” When it came time for his second surgery, Robinson found that CMC Orthopedic Surgery-Union was conveniently located near his home, and he made an appointment. “It was so nice knowing that I could have a great orthopedic surgeon no matter where I was located ,” said Robinson. “I didn’t have to worry about my medical records or anything, even though I went to a different practice than before.” No matter how many surgeries you may have had, they can all cause anxiety. On the morning of his surgery, July 29, 2014, Robinson was comforted when he walked in and saw Dr. Nantais’ friendly face. As the team prepared him for his second hip replacement, Robinson said he felt at ease knowing he was in the hands of someone he trusted. A year later, Robinson is back at the YMCA teaching water aerobics. In addition to teaching fitness classes, he works in mental health services and he returned to work just 10 days after his second total hip replacement. “After my second surgery, I did six weeks of rehab at home followed by four weeks at the YMCA in the water,” said Robinson. He doesn’t regret having surgery. “Two hip replacements and I feel great,” he said. “I’m able to do all the things I love pain-free.”

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