Nutrition and Fitness, Your Health Seth Stratton | 6 years ago

Holiday Survival Guide – For Adults

The holidays are often a time for giving and receiving. But too often that means "giving up" on your regular workout routine for a couple of weeks and "receiving" too many indulgences. But if you keep these well-worn tips nearby, you too can be a holiday survival expert.

  • Shake it off: Find time every day to be active. It may not be the normal workout you are used to, but every bit helps! Try a few 10-minute workouts that combine strength and cardio.
  • Be choosy: When attending a holiday party, don’t fill up on foods you can eat any time of the year. Enjoy a small portion of something that you don’t normally get to indulge in and savor it.
  • Joy to the world: Spend a few minutes every day by writing down one thing you are thankful for, one thing you hope to accomplish that day, and one thing that makes you happy!
  • Manage the stress: Gift giving, food preparation, shopping mall traffic, holiday parties and the extra pressure we put on ourselves to have everything “perfect” causes the Grinch to come out in all of us. Learn to say "no." Don’t be afraid to buy ready-made food for convenience, shop during off-peak times and attend only the parties that you enjoy, not the ones that you dread.
  • Responsible revelry: If you drink a cocktail or glass of wine when celebrating, use a small amount of diet soda to cut the calories and alternate drinks with water.
  • 'Tis the season: Add a little festivity to your fitness. Put jingle bells on your shoelaces when you go out for a jog or walk! You’ll spread holiday cheer all through the streets!
The following post was written by Jill Ashburner, Carolinas HealthCare System Certified Wellness Coach.